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Programming Courses

Programming Courses

Introduction to Programming Using Python (98-381)

Prepare for your Microsoft Office Pythong Exam with testprep learning resources, more than 300 questions to prepare from.

Data Structures and Algorithms

This course will help you to get up and running with data structures and algorithms in no time.

Deep Learning and Neural Networks using Python

This course is a perfect balance between learning the basic deep learning concepts and implementing the built-in deep learning classes and functions from the Keras library.

Django with Data Science

This course will show you how to create a professional and attractive user interface (UI) in Django for data science using the Semantic UI framework.

Excel VBA Programming

In this online course we cover VBA from the ground up, beginning with the fundamentals and proceeding to advanced topics.

Flutter and Dart App Development

The course begins with an overview of Flutter's capabilities and helps you to download Flutter code and set up development tools for Windows and Mac.

Game Development with Unity and C#

Learn the basic concepts, tools, and functions that you will need to build fully functional games with C# and the Unity game engine.

Mastering Haskell Programming

In this course, you’ll discover different ways to structure interactions between the program and the outside world.

Microsoft SQL Server

This course will help you to learn about Microsoft SQL Server 2017, including the features and functionalities that are needed to design and develop reliable database systems.

Practical Unity Game Development

Unity 3D is an industry standard tool, and this course will help you to master the latest features of the engine and bring your projects to success.

Python for Data Science

In this course you will learn all the necessary libraries that make data analytics with Python a joy.

R for Data Science Solutions

In this course you will learn how to prepare, process, and perform sophisticated ETL for heterogeneous data sources with R packages.

SwiftUI - Build Amazing Apps

This course will teach you how to use SwiftUI features and declarative programming to build rich and robust applications for the Apple store.

C++ Developer

Learning C++ will add value to your CV and you will have skills that will give you a chance to work on amazing projects. Through this course, you will learn C++ by building applications.

Data Analysis with Pandas and Python

Data Analysis with Pandas and Python offers 19+ hours of in-depth video tutorials on the most powerful data analysis toolkit available today.

Data Visualization with Python

This course will cover a number of different concepts such as an introduction to data science including concepts such as linear algebra, probability and statistics, Matplotlib, charts etc.

Learning Splunk

In this course, you will work with Splunk from the ground up. You'll learn the basics of Splunk terminology, and how to use the Splunk web interface to find data.

Mastering Magento 2

This online course on Magento 2 will help you to master your skills, the course covers the most valuable information you need to know as a Magento 2 developer.

Natural Language Processing Fundamentals

This comprehensive guide will show you how to effectively use Python libraries and NLP concepts to solve various problems.

Node.js Fundamentals

Node.js Fundamentals...

Python Digital Forensics

In this course, you will learn to read, sort, and sniff raw packets and also analyze network traffic.