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OMG Certified UML® Professional (OCUP 2™)

OMG Certified UML® Professional (OCUP 2™)

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OMG-Certified UML® Professional (OCUP 2™)

The OCUP 2 program tests a person’s skills and knowledge in the structure and interpretation of the model using the OMG’s Unified Modeling Language. It is used in various different ways and in many dissimilar problem domains, UML modelling. 

Who should take the exam?

The targeted candidates for the OCUP2 are:

  • IT architects
  • SW architects
  • system architects
  • SW designers
  • UML users
  • requirements engineers

Course Outline

The OMG-Certified UML® Professional (OCUP 2™) exam covers the following topics -

  • Fundamental principles of modelling 
  • Package diagrams and structure 
  • Class diagram 
  • Use case diagram 
  • Activity diagram
  • Sequence diagram 
  • State Machine diagram 

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Exam Format and Information

Exam Name OMG-Certified UML® Professional (OCUP 2™)
Exam Code 0
Exam Duration 120 mins
Exam Format Multiple Choice Questions
Exam Type Professional
Number of Questions 90 Questions
Eligibility/Pre-Requisite -
Exam Fee $210 USD
Exam Language English
Pass Score 60 and above

OMG Certified UML® Professional (OCUP 2™) FAQs

If you fail an exam, you can give it again after a minimum span of 30 days, but you cannot take a specific exam more than three times in a twelve-month period.
Yes, it does. Every OCUP 2 Certification expires in 5 years from the date that you pass the exam, and this expiration is also printed on the certificate and recorded in the Certified Professionals Directory.
The Exams are computer-based tests (CBTs), including multiple-choice and include text and UML diagrams.
The time may vary from level to level. The time permitted for OCUP 2 Foundation is 120 minutes, and for the OCUP 2, Intermediate and Advanced is 105 minutes.
All of the Exams of OCUP 2 are in English.
No, but - Lower levels of certification are a requirement for the higher levels of certification, but the candidate is not required to take the exams in order. So, you won't get an OCUP 2 certification at a level till you’ve approved of the exams required for its level.
US$210 or the approximate equivalent.
OCUP 2 is OMG's updated certification program course for UML practitioners - both model Builders and model Users. The program examines a candidate’s knowledge and skills in building and interpretation of model diagrams using the OMG’s Unified Modeling Language. It comprises of three levels - Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced.


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