become a blockchain developer

How to become a Blockchain Developer? 

How to become a Blockchain Developer? Being a revolutionary technology, it opens the ways for new fields of development and with that, more creative and tech enthusiastic brains. So to become a part of this technology, how to weave your beautiful mind, this article might be a help. Who is a blockchain developer? Developer responsible for creating the framework of blockchain system and optimising blockchain protocols by developing certain contracts and web apps is commonly…

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programming languages

Top programming languages to learn in 2019

In the technologically advancing world understanding the fundamentals of programming would become necessary to many professions. In the IT sphere software development is the largest domain of production and programming languages are the foundation of this domain. For the uninitiated, the list of programming languages discussed here are the ideal for learning and developing an interest in the field. Also those with a grasp on a particular language can identify the evolving, interrelated and useful…

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blockchain technology explained

What is Blockchain Tehnology? Why is it among the top innovative technologies?

Blockchain is a distributed ledger, in which databases are shared, reproduced, & are synchronized among the particiapnts of network which is decentralized. It is useful to maintain a permanent & hack-proof or tamper proof transaction of data. That’s a lot of technical stuff on one strike. Let’s start it from the very basic of “transactional data”, after all it is a big ‘deal’. The transaction in the world we are aware of is possible because…

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Multi-Cloud Approach

Multi-Cloud Approach in 2019

In today’s changing technological environment ‘cloud’ is the most popular technology used where an average, 64% of the overall organizations making use of the multi-cloud approach and relevant services. Remaining 36% organizations have successfully migrated to the hybrid cloud technology. Earlier companies had only two alternatives from a cloud mode – (1) Private Cloud Deployment or (2) Public Cloud Deployment. With the invention of the hybrid multi-cloud approach, a gateway for the cloud applications to…

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Top Project Management Certifications

Top Project Management Certification – 2019

Technologies are facing immense growth and advancement and businesses are moving towards project management, so it is the best period for anyone to get certified and ensure the employee seek you as a crucial resource. Adding suitable Project management certifications to resume, can get better chances to become successful in the future. Professionals can benefits by adding a project management certification to his existing credentials. We shall now be discussing about the project management certifications…

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Highest Paying IT Certifications

Top Highest Paying IT Certifications in 2019 – TestPrepTraining

A career in IT is barely restricted to limited outdated skills. Those within the field are constantly in the process of learning and growth. Certifications and additional skill sets have become the norm for employers within the sector. A reputed, quality, professional and technical certification brings recognition before your employer and enhances better income prospects for you. It is also a great start to build networks, professional credibility, job opportunities, and qualifications. The certifications include…

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gre test

GRE Test | All the Information on Graduate Record Examination

Belief in one’s knowledge and the thirst of perceiving higher qualifications from a renowned University is quenched when one gets aware of the GRE test and the opportunities it provides. GRE, that is , Graduate Record Examination, is a computer or paper based standardised test to apply for masters and doctoral degree programs in various universities in the United States. It is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and through verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning,…

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cybersecurity career path to build a career

Cybersecurity Career Path | How to Start a Career in Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the emerging field of interest and value in most industries. The demand for professionals and expert with experience, talent, and deep knowledge has never been this high. The past cyberattacks on institutions, firms, individuals, governments etc. has only led to an increase in the existing threat. Security professionals can not only strategize avoidance of an attack but also counter it and methodize that retaliation in order to mitigate potential losses. However, the…

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Six Sigma Black Belt

How to Crack Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Exam?

Six Sigma black belt is the tough and laborious exam, when compared to the previous levels. All it takes is the dedication, experience, disciplined study and time management, etc. there are applicants who study for months and still fail the exam, still they practice one. Though this exam is tough, but the difficulty level depends on your quality of preparation. Six Sigma black belt Certification provides with a good understanding of the DMAIC concepts i.e.…

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IELTS Academic Writing Test

How to Prepare for IELTS Academic Writing Test?

Academic Writing tests primarily consist of two writing tasks, such that in – Task 1: Candidates are asked to describe some visual information (like a graph/table/chart/diagram) in about 150 words. Candidates are given 20 minutes to complete this task. Here candidate will be presented with a graph, table, chart or diagram and asked to describe, summarize or explain the information in your own words. For instance, the candidate may be asked to describe and explain…

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