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Cloudera Certification

At the present time, Cloudera is one of the leading vendors of Big Data Certifications.  With its specialization in mega data collections on the Apache Hadoop platform, Cloudera exhibits features like security, system management, and integration to the open-source Hadoop platform. Cloudera's overall view of the importance of qualified big data talent brushes through the architecture and elements of the organization’s current certification offerings. The company currently administers four professional certifications at two levels.

Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA)

  • CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer
  • CCA Administrator
  • CCA Data Analyst

Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP):

  • CCP Data Engineer

The Cloudera certification program intends not only to provide corporations and associations with skilled data analysis experts but also to satisfy requirements for administrative and development expertise to establish robust Apache Hadoop infrastructures built around the Cloudera platform.

Importance of Cloudera Certification

Big Data certifications are very important for those who are preparing to start a career in the data analytics or those who wish to switch in the big data domain. Big Data certifications, nowadays, has become more important because -

  • Validates candidate’s skills on the big data platform
  • Demonstrate the hands-on expertise and skills of the individual
  • Provides you with global recognition as the certified big data professional

Market Demand for Cloudera Certification

With the more internet-based activities, the demand for data storage and analysis has also grown which result in the growth of Big data technologies. This, in turn, has increased the market demand for big data experts. Cloudera is the first company to constitute a business around the professional deployment and support of Hadoop, with its focus on creating a skilled and well-qualified workforce in Big data tools and technologies. Hence, the demand for Cloudera certifications has risen significantly in the field of big data today.  Also, Big Data-related jobs like Information Security Analysts, Management Analysts, Management Analysts and Information Security Analyst proceed to be in high demand.

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