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Python for Data Science

Python for Data Science

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Python for Data Science

Python is an open-source, deciphered, significant level language and provides an extraordinary methodology for object-situated programming. It is perhaps the best language used by a data scientist for various data science projects/applications. Python provides extraordinary usefulness to manage mathematics, statistics, and scientific capacity.

Table of Contents

  • Beginning the Data Science Journey
  • Introducing Jupyter
  • Understanding Numerical Operations with NumPy
  • Data Preparation and Manipulation with Pandas
  • Visualizing Data with Matplotlib and Seaborn
  • Introduction to Machine Learning and Scikit-learn
  • Building Machine Learning Models with Scikit-learn
  • Model Evaluation and Selection

Python for Data Science FAQs

Microsoft is a major player and enrolment specialist in the data science industry because of its stunning products and services. Purplish blue, the distributed computing service of Microsoft, is one of the largest recruiting divisions of Microsoft for data scientist positions.

Data science expertise is profoundly sought-later because it leads to substantial and measurable business outcomes.

As per Glassdoor, a data scientist is among the best 3 best jobs for balance between serious and fun activities, and it has one of the highest work satisfaction rates as well! So I believe it's safe to say that by and large, data science is not especially stressful.


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