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Google Professional Cloud Architect (GCP) Online Course

Google Professional Cloud Architect (GCP) Online Course

Welcome to 'Hands on Google cloud platform(GCP) Cloud Architect'. Team Notez, have extensively researched and designed this course which yields you multiple benefits. Let me list the top notch benefits for you:- With our course, you will get practically trained on the important aspects of Google Cloud.- Extensively gain knowledge over wide topics with easy to understand explanation.- preparedness for the Google Cloud Architect professional certification

In this online course you will learn the following concepts in depth:

  • Deploy managed Hadoop apps on the Google Cloud
  • Make informed decisions about containers, VMs and AppEngine
  • Understand overall architecture and working of Google Cloud Gain ability to work on GCP practically
  • Preparedness for the Cloud Architect professional exam

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction

  • Introduction
  • All about Google certification
  • Overview of Cloud Architect Certification
  • What is and why to use cloud

2. Hands on with GCP

  • Lab 1: Creating a Google cloud Account
  • Lab 2: How to use cloud shell

3. Hadoop

  • Introduction to Hadoop
  • Hadoop bigger picture
  • Hadoop in Detail
  • Hadoop ecosystem and its GCP equivalent

4. Compute

  • Introduction to Computing
  • Preemtible VMs
  • Google APP Engine (GAE)
  • Google Container Engine (GKE)
  • Lab 1: Creating VM instances
  • Lab 2: Editing VM instances
  • Lab 3: VM instances via command line
  • Lab 4: Persistent Disks

5. Storage

  • All about Storage
  • A bit more about cloud Storage
  • Lab 1: Storage Buckets
  • Lab 2: Permissions
  • Lab 3: Life cycle Management
  • Lab 4: Data Migration - Transfer service

6. Cloud SQL & More

  • Cloud SQL
  • Cloud Spanner
  • Lab: Cloud SQL

7. Data Store

  • All about Data Store

8. BigTable- Columnar Store

  • BigTable introduction
  • CRUD operations & choice of BigTable

9. VMs and Images

  • Introduction to VMs
  • VM- machine type
  • About Images

10. VPC & Networks

  • Introduction to VPC
  • IP Addresses, Routes & IP aliasing
  • Cloud VPN
  • Shared VPCs

11. Managed Instance Groups and Load Balancing

  • Introduction
  • Detailed Study
  • Lab: Content Based Load Balancing

12. Operations & Security

  • StackDriver
  • Cloud IAM & more
  • Lab: Cloud IAM

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