Windows Penetration Testing Practice Exam Questions

Windows Penetration Testing Practice Exam Questions

Penetration testing or ethical hacking is basically the practice of testing a computer system, or web application for finding security vulnerabilities that an attacker might exploit. It can either be automated with software applications or performed manually. This exam is an ideal choice for candidates looking for jobs in IT departments of various companies.


It is suggested for the candidates to possess fundamental knowledge and skills of programming if they wish to appear for this exam.

Target Audience

This exam is intended for the following people-


Students and graduates

IT professionals

Job seekers

Exam Benefits

This exam is helpful as-

It builds career opportunities.

Improves your programming skills.

Helps you excel in this area of knowledge.

Improves your knowledge of the subject.

Topics Covered

The Windows Penetration Testing Practice Exam covers the following topics - 

Basics of Kali Linux 

Introduction to Kali Linux 

Lab Setup

Downloading and Installing VMware Workstation

Downloading Windows and Kali Linux

Installing Windows and Kali Linux

Updating the Kali Linux Operating System

Essential Terminal Commands

Understanding File Commands

Knowledge of Directory Commands

Chain Commands

Managing Services

Information Gathering Tools

Use ofNetDiscover Tool

Use of the Nmap Tool

Use of Sparta Tool

Using the Maltego and Recon-NG Tool

Vulnerability Analysis Tools

Uses of Burp Suite Tool

Uses of ZAP Tool

WordPress Scanning Using WPScan

Nessus Installation

Vulnerability Analysis with the use of Nessus

Analysing the Web Using HTTrack

Database Hacking Tools

Using the-

o SQLite Tool

o Sqlmap Tool

o JSQL Tool

o SQLsus

Password Cracking Tools

Use of Crunch Commands

Using John the Ripper Tool

FTP Setup

Uses of Hydra, Medusa andNcrack

Man-in-the-Middle Attack or Sniffing Tools

Uses of- MAC Changer Tool

o Wireshark Tool

o Ettercap Tool

o MITMProxy

o Driftnet Tool

Social Engineering Attack Tools

Understanding Phishing Attack Using SET

Trojan Attack Using SET

Using the Browser Exploitation Framework

Wireless Hacking Tools

Knowledge of Wireless Adapter

Starting Monitor Mode

Hacking WEP Using the Fern Tool

Creating a Dictionary


Exploitation Techniques

Basics of Metasploit 

AV Bypass Frameworks

Bypass Target Defender and Antivirus

Post-Exploitation Techniques

Understanding Meterpreter Commands

Inserting Keylogger

Privilege Escalation

Stealing Login Credentials

PenTest Reporting Tools

Using the-

o Leafpad

o CutyCapt

o Faraday IDE

o recordMyDesktop

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