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Windows 10 (MD-100) Practice Exam

Windows 10 (MD-100)  Practice Exam

About Windows 10 (MD-100)  Practice Exam

The Microsoft Windows 10 (MD-100)  exam has been built to measure the skills of the candidate to perform technical tasks including

  • Deployment of Windows
  • Managing devices and data
  • Configuring storage and connectivity
  • Maintaining Windows

MD-100 Exam Outline

The content of the exam was updated

DOMAIN 1 - Understand to Deploy and Upgrade Operating Systems (25-30%)

Ability to plan a Windows 10 deployment

  • Learn to evaluate infrastructure readiness
  • Learn to assess and select appropriate deployment options (Endpoint Manager, MDT, Configuration Manager)
  • Understanding and planning upgrade and downgrade paths
  • Understanding and planning compatibility
  • Understanding and planning for user state

Ability to plan and execute Windows 10 by using Windows Autopilot

  • Learn to choose methods based on requirements
  • Learn the process of creating, validating, and assigning deployment profile
  • Learn to extract device HW information to CSV file
  • Learn importing device HW information to cloud service
  • Learn deploying Windows 10
  • Learn troubleshooting deployment

Ability to plan and execute Windows 10 using MDT

  • Learn to configure options based on requirements
  • Learn to create and manage images
  • Learning to deploy images 
  • Learning to create and use task sequences
  • Learn managing application and driver deployment
  • Learn monitoring and troubleshooting deployment

Ability managing accounts, VPN connections, and certificates on Windows 10

  • Learn securing privileged accounts on Windows 10
  • Learn configuring VPN client
  • Learn configuring and managing certificates on client devices

DOMAIN 2 - Describe Manage Policies and Profiles (20-25%)

Ability to implement compliance policies for devices

  • Learn to plan and execute device compliance policies
  • Learn to manage device compliance policies
  • Learn planning device compliance policies

Ability to configure device profiles

  • Learn implementing device profiles
  • Learn to manage device profiles
  • Learn planning of device profiles
  • Learn to control policy conflicts
  • Learn to configure and implementing assigned access/public devices

Ability to manage user profiles

  • Learn configuring user profiles
  • Learn configuring Enterprise State Roaming in Azure AD
  • Learn configuring sync settings

DOMAIN 3 - Manage and Protect Devices (30-35%)

Ability to implement and manage device, application, and threat protection

  • Learn to execute and manage Microsoft Defender Application Guard
  • Learn to execute and manage Windows Defender Credential Guard
  • Learn to execute and manage Exploit protection
  • Learn to plan and Implement Microsoft Defender Advanced for Endpoint for Windows 10
  • Learn to integrate Windows Defender Application Control
  • Learn to protect devices using Endpoint Security
  • Learn to manage enterprise-level disk encryption
  • Learn to execute and manage security baselines in Microsoft Intune

Ability to Manage devices enrolled in Microsoft Intune

  • Learn configuring enrollment settings in Microsoft Intune
  • Learn configuring Microsoft Intune automatic and bulk enrollment
  • Learn to enroll non-Windows devices
  • Learn to enroll Windows devices
  • Learn to review device inventory

Ability to Monitor devices

  • Learn monitoring  devices using Azure Monitor and Desktop Analytics
  • Learn monitoring  monitor device inventory reports using Endpoint Manger Admin Center
  • Learn to manage updates
  • Learn configuring Windows 10 delivery optimization
  • Learn deployment of Windows updates using Microsoft Intune
  • Learn monitoring Windows 10 updates

DOMAIN 4 - Describe Manage Apps and Data (10-15%)

Ability to deploy and update applications

  • Learn to assign apps to users or groups
  • Learn deploying apps by using Microsoft Intune
  • Learn deploying apps by using Microsoft Store (Business/iTunes/Google Play)
  • Learn deploying Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise (by using Office Deployment Tool, Intune, or Microsoft 365)
  • Learning to create and modify Office deployment configurations (using ODT or Microsoft 365 Apps Admin Center/Office Customization Tool)
  • Learn to collect Microsoft 365 Apps readiness data

Ability to execute Mobile Application Management (MAM)

  • Learn to implement App Protection policies
  • Learn and manage App Protection policies
  • Learn and plan App Protection Policies
  • Learn to plan and implement App Configuration Policies (for Windows Information Protection)

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