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Windows 10 (MD-100) Practice Exam

Windows 10 (MD-100)  Practice Exam

About Windows 10 (MD-100)  Practice Exam

The candidates taking the Windows 10 (MD-100) exam are IT professionals with subject matter expertise in installing, configuring, and maintaining Microsoft Windows clients within a domain infrastructure. The Microsoft Windows 10 (MD-100)  exam has been built to measure the skills of the candidate to perform technical tasks including

  • Deployment of Windows
  • Managing devices and data
  • Configuring storage and connectivity
  • Maintaining Windows

Roles and Responsibilities

The candidates responsibilities include

  • Protecting and maintaining the reliability of the Windows device and the data stored on the device
  • Administering Windows clients in a Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), part of Microsoft Entra environment. 
  • Collaborating with the Microsoft 365 enterprise administrator, the Microsoft 365 security administrator, and Windows Server administrators to implement a modern desktop and device strategy that meets the business needs of an organization.

MD-100 Exam Outline

The content of the exam covers topics as per updates as on February 3, 2023

Domain 1 - Understand Install and configure Windows (20–25%)

1.1 Install Windows client

  • Learn to Select the appropriate Windows edition
  • Learn to Prepare hardware for installation
  • Learn to Perform a manual clean installation
  • Learn to Plan and implement an upgrade from a previous version of Windows
  • Learn to Customize a Windows client installation by using the Windows ADK
  • Learn to Configure activation and troubleshoot activation issues

1.2 Manage and use Hyper-V on Windows client

  • Learn to Create and configure virtual machines by using Hyper-V
  • Learn to Manage virtual hard drives
  • Learn to Manage virtual networks
  • Learn to Configure Hyper-V settings
  • Learn to Configure and manage checkpoints
  • Learn to Enable and use Windows Sandbox

1.3 Configure Windows settings

  • Learn to Configure system settings
  • Learn to Manage user interface in Windows 10 and Windows 11
  • Learn to Configure Microsoft Edge
  • Learn to Configure language and region
  • Learn to Configure and troubleshoot connections to printers and other devices
  • Learn to Configure Windows client by using provisioning packages
  • Learn to Configure startup options
  • Learn to Configure and manage services
  • Learn to Install and configure optional features

Domain 2 - Understand Configure and manage connectivity and storage (15–20%)

2.1 Configure networking and access

  • Learn to Configure client IP settings
  • Learn to Configure mobile networking
  • Learn to Configure VPN client by using built-in tools or Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK)
  • Learn to Configure and manage certificates on client devices
  • Learn to Troubleshoot client connectivity

2.2 Configure and manage storage

  • Learn to Configure local storage
  • Learn to Configure OneDrive on Windows client
  • Learn to Optimize local drives by using Disk cleanup or Storage Sense
  • Learn to Configure file and folder permissions

Domain 3 - Understand Maintain Windows (30–35%)

3.1 Perform system and data recovery

  • Learn to Troubleshoot boot and startup processes
  • Learn to Recover Windows client
  • Learn to Recover files
  • Learn to Create and manage restore points
  • Learn to Restore from restore points

3.2 Manage Windows updates

  • Learn to Configure updates 
  • Learn to Configure Windows delivery optimization
  • Learn to Control updates by using group policy settings
  • Learn to Configure updates by using Windows Update for Business
  • Learn to Troubleshoot updates

3.3 Configure remote management

  • Learn to Configure Remote Desktop
  • Learn to Configure Windows Admin Center
  • Learn to Configure PowerShell remoting and Windows Remote Management
  • Learn to Configure remote assistance tools including Remote Assist and Quick Assist

3.4 Monitor and manage Windows

  • Learn to Configure and analyze event logs
  • Learn to Monitor and manage performance and reliability
  • Learn to Configure scheduled tasks
  • Learn to Manage registry

Domain 4 - Understand Protect devices and data (25–30%)

4.1 Manage users, groups, and computer objects

  • Learn to Manage local users
  • Learn to Manage local user profiles
  • Learn to Manage local groups
  • Learn to Manage Microsoft accounts on Windows client
  • Learn to Enable users and groups from Active Directory to access Windows client
  • Learn to Join computers to Active Directory
  • Learn to Configure sign-in options
  • Learn to Manage credentials by using Credential Manager
  • Learn to Configure user account control (UAC)
  • Learn to Implement and manage Microsoft Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS)

4.2 Configure and manage local and group policies

  • Learn to Troubleshoot local policies and domain group policies on Windows client
  • Learn to Configure and manage local and group policies, including security policy, user rights assignment, and audit policy
  • Learn to Configure Windows client settings by using group policy

4.3 Manage security settings on Windows client

  • Learn to Implement BitLocker
  • Learn to Configure and manage Windows client firewall
  • Learn to Manage virus and threat protection
  • Learn to Manage application and browser control settings

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