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TCP-SP7: TIBCO Spotfire for Analysts Practice Exam

TCP-SP7: TIBCO Spotfire for Analysts

About TCP-SP7: TIBCO Spotfire for Analysts

TCP-SP7 exam is designed for candidates who have ability to design and manage visualizations of average complexity using TIBCO Spotfire Analyst application. They use multiple data sources (types of files, databases etc.) and the right visualization to perform accurate analysis. In this the visualization features include details-on-demand, marking, subsets, filters, schemes, custom expressions and formatting options. Candidates use different types of properties and configure collaboration, sharing and reuse of solutions. Predictive modeling, data wrangling and clustering, data connectors, library management and working with TERR are also assumed essential skills.

Prerequisite for the exam

Candidates applying for the exam must have one year experience as a Business or Data Analyst, with an understanding of these concepts: business analytics, data collection and cleansing, descriptive and prescriptive analysis. They should also have one year of of active experience using TIBCO Spotfire 7.x.

Course structure

1. Data Access

Files and libraries, data tables

Rows, columns, joins, relationships, properties

2. Visualizations

Insert Pages, visualizations and text areas

Bar, Line, Combination charts

Simple, Graphical, Summary, Cross Tables

Scatter Plots and Pie Charts, Treemaps, Heatmaps, box plots

3-D scatter plots, parallel coordinate plots

Map charts, map layers, image layers, geocoding, shapes, coordinates

3. Visualization Properties

Selectors, menus, title bars, rows, columns, panels

Gradients, colors, segments, images, binary data, dates, errors and error bars

Trellis, Axes, Fiscal offsets

4. Interactivity

Tooltips, marking, multiple markings, Rules, show/hide

Filters, schemes, details visualizations , subsets

5. Binning, aggregations, grouping, hierarchies

Event intervals, distribution, deviation

Aggregation options, functions

Grouping categorical data, creating and using hierarchies

6. Expressions and Functions

Calculated columns, custom expressions

Syntax, loose format, property controls

Binning, conversion, logical, math

Statistical, text, node navigation,

Ranking, operators, property, spatial

7. Relationships, Predictions, Statistical Engines

Lines and curves, forecast, Holt-Winters, confidence interva1

Data relationships, predictive modeling

Data functions, expression functions

TERR Script, Input and output

8. Data Tables

Insert columns, rows, match

Join methods, identify origin of rows

Relationships, external data engine, data access

In-Memory, in-database data, information links

Ranking, operators, property, spatial

9. Capturing, Sharing, Saving and Export

Deployment, bookmarks, tags, collaboration

Lists, Export, Import, Key columns

File, library, data linked/embedded

Export to differnt formats

10. Best Practices

Better presentations, Consumer considerations

Embedding Analysis in Web pages

Exam Pattern 

  • Exam Name: TIBCO Spotfire for Analysts
  • Exam Code: TCP-SP7
  • Number of Questions: 65
  • Time Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Passing Score: 65% 
  • Exam Cost: $300 USD

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