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Tableau Desktop Specialist Practice Exam

Tableau Desktop Specialist 

The Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam is for candidates having foundational skills and knowledge of Tableau Desktop and at least three months of applying this understanding in the product. 

Exam Prerequisites

There are no required prerequisites for this exam. Everyone learns differently and every day use of Tableau varies. Recommendations for learning resources and experience with the product are guidelines, not requirements.

Exam Details

  • Exam Fee:$100
  • Suggested Training: Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam Readiness
  • Required Prerequisites: None
  • Suggested Product Experience: 3+ Months
  • Product Version: Currently testing on 2020.1
  • Title Valid For: No Expiration

Exam Format

  • Time Limit: 60 minutes
  • Question Format: Multiple choice, multiple response, hands-on
  • Number of Questions: 30
  • Scoring: Automatically scored; point value varies per question type with hands-on worth more
  • Passing Score: 70%
  • Language(s) Offered: English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, International Spanish
  • Delivery Platform: Windows Virtual Machine containing Tableau Desktop

Course Outline

The Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam covers the following topics - 

Connecting to & Preparing Data

• Create and save data connections

• Create a live connection to a data source

• Explain the differences between using live connections versus extracts

• Create an extract

• Save metadata properties in a . TDS

• Modify data connections

• Add a join

• Add a blend

• Add a union

• Manage data properties

• Rename a data field

• Assign an alias to a data value

• Assign a geographic role to a data field

• Change data type for a data field (number, date, string, Boolean, etc.)

• Change default properties for a data field (number format, aggregation, color, date format, etc.)

Exploring & Analyzing Data

• Create basic charts

• Create a bar chart

• Create a line chart

• Create a scatterplot

• Create a map using geographic data

• Create a combined axis chart

• Create a dual axis chart

• Create a stacked bar

• Create a chart to show specific values (crosstab, highlight table)

• Organize data and apply filters

• Create a visual group

• Create a group using labels

• Create a set

• Organize dimensions into a hierarchy

• Add a filter to the view

• Add a context filter

• Add a date filter

• Apply analytics to a worksheet

• Add a manual or a computed sort

• Add a reference line or trend line

• Use a table calculation

• Use bins and histograms

• Create a calculated field (e.g. string, date, simple arithmetic)

• Add a parameter

Sharing Insights

• Format view for presentation

• Use color

• Use bolding

• Use shapes

• Use viz animations

• Change size of marks

• Select fonts

• Create and modify a dashboard

• Create a dashboard layout

• Add interactive or explanatory elements

• Add dashboard actions

• Modify existing dashboard layout for mobile devices

• Create a story using dashboards or views

• Share a twbx as a PDF

• Share a twbx as an image

Understanding Tableau Concepts

• Dimensions and measures

• Explain what kind of information dimensions usually contain

• Explain what kind of information measures usually contain

• Discrete and continuous fields

• Explain how discrete fields are displayed in Tableau

• Explain how continuous fields are displayed in Tableau

• Explain the difference between discrete date parts and continuous date values in Tableau

• Aggregation

• Explain why Tableau aggregates measures

• Describe how an aggregated measure changes when dimensions are added to the view


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