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Strategic Analysis Practice Exam

Strategic Analysis

Strategic analysis is a process that involves researching an organization's business climate inside which it operates. Strategic analysis is essential to formulate strategic planning for decision making and smooth working of that organization.

Skills Required

Attention to Detail.

Calculating Costs for Implementation.

Critical Thinking.

Characterizing Mechanisms for Input.

Characterizing Purpose of the Strategic Planning Process.

Fostering a Plan for Implementing Strategies.

Logical Thinking.

Inductive Reasoning.

Career Opportunity

Strategy analyst

Strategy chief

Strategy assistant

Table of Content

Strategic Management

What is Strategy

Strategic Management Processes

Environmental Analysis

Pestle Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Value Chain Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Strategic Decision Making

What is Decision Making

Decision Making Process

Decision Making Strategies

What is Strategic Decision Making

Strategic Decision Making Models

Innovation Management

Pillars of Innovation

Crucial Questions for Innovation

Types of Innovation

What is a Business Innovation Culture

Building an Innovative Culture

Characteristics and Actions of an Innovation Leader

Change Management

Overview of Change Management

Recognizing Obstacles to Change

Introducing Change

Managing Change

Eight-Step Change Management Process

Strategies for Effective Implementation of Change

Leading Change

The CHANGE Model

Leading through Change

Business Ethics


Ethical Principles

Ethical Theories

Functional Business Areas

Value Integrity

Corporate Governance

What is Corporate Governance?

Principles Of Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Models

Legal Environment – General

Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

Codes and Guidelines

OECD Principles

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Approaches

Cost-Benefit Analysis (with RBV)

Social Accounting, Auditing and Reporting

Potential Business Benefits

Developing an Engagement Plan

Types of CSR Actions

Criticisms and Concerns

Public Policies

Crises and Their Consequences

Industries Considered Void of CSR


What is Sustainability

Pillars of Sustainability

Organizational Sustainability

Strategic Sustainability

Product Sustainability

Personnel Sustainability

Financial Sustainability

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