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SQL Language Practice Exam Questions

SQL Language Practice Exam Questions

SQL is a domain-specific language that is used in programming. The SQL language exam provides you with the knowledge of the management of data held in a relational database management system. Hence, this exam is a good option for candidates who wish to develop their skills in using SQL language.

Exam Requirements

It is suggested for the candidates to have the basic knowledge and skills of data management and programming if they wish to appear for this exam.

Target Audience

This exam is intended for the following people-

Web developers

Students and graduates


Candidates seeking job in IT departments 


This exam is helpful as-

It improves your data management skills.

It enhances your knowledge of programming.

It develops you for the competitive job market.

It adds value to your CV.

Topics Covered

The SQL Language exam covers topics including - 

Basics of Database 

Client/Server Fundamentals

Defining Data

Meaning of a Database

Understanding DBMS (Database Management System)

Data Models

Knowledge of Relational Theory and Relational Model

Understanding Databases and Tables


Architecture of RDBMS

Database Communication Protocols

Knowledge of SQL and the Relational Model

Relational Operations

Evolution of SQL 

SQL Syntax

Knowledge of-

o SQL Lexical Structure

o Escape Characters

o Statements

o Identifiers

o Literals

o Whitespaces

o Reserved Words

o Case Sensitivity in SQL

o Comments

SQL Keys

SQL Constraints 

Primary and Foreign Key

Other Constraints in SQL

SQL Database Statement

Understanding Database Schema

Generating Database Schemas

Alter Schema and Drop Schema

Creating a Database

Alter Database


SQL Table Statement

Create Table


Drop Table

SQL Select Statement

SELECT Statement


SELECT TOP Statement

SQL Clause Statement

Knowledge of DISTINCT clause

Understanding FROM Clause

Knowing the WHERE Clause


Understanding HAVING Clause

SQL Order by Statement

SQL Update Statement

SQL Insert Statement

SQL Delete Statement

SQL Join Statement

Cross Join

Outer join

Inner Join


SQL Expressions

Bool Expressions

Date Expressions

Numeric Expressions

SQL Operators

Knowledge of Arithmetic Operators

Understanding Comparison Operators

Character Operators

The Logical Operators

Set Operators

SQL Functions

Different Types of Function

Mathematical Functions

Aggregate Functions

Date/Time Functions

String Functions

Branch Functions

Miscellaneous Topics

SQL Subquery

Trigger and Views

Stored Procedures


SQL Coding Standard

Database Designing

Database Normalization

SQL Standards

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