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Solar Photovoltaic Practice Exam

Solar Photovoltaic

The world organizations are getting concerned regarding the fast rate depletion of the energy resources from our planet which is causing serious environment issues. Therefore, organizations and individuals are heading towards non-conventional sources of energy to meet the energy requirements of the world. Hence, Solar energy professionals are in great demand these days. These professionals have knowledge of the evolving technologies like the solar heating, photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, solar architecture, molten salt power plants and artificial photosynthesis.

Who should take this exam?

Anyone with a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in any science related field can take this exam to boost their knowledge and enhance their career opportunities.

Skills Required

Analytical skills

Energy conservation knowledge

Management skills

Environmental science knowledge

Career Prospects

Engineering technician

Electronics maintenance technician

Solar fleet manager

Solar service technician

Solar PV installer

Table of Content


Learning Energy Basics and Parameters

Learning Energy Resources

Learning Conventional and Non Conventional Sources

Learning Non Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Sources

India’s Power Potential

Learning Indian Government Authorities

Distributed Energy Generation

Learning Microgrid

Environmental Impact of Electricity Generation

Learning Energy Conservation

Solar Energy Basics

What is Solar Energy?

Learning Photovoltaic Effect

Learning Sun-Earth Geometry

Learning Calculating Solar Energy to Surface

Celestial Coordinate System

Learning Position of the Sun

Thermodynamics Basics

Learning Electricity Basics

Solar Radiation

Learning Solar Constant

Solar Radiation and Measurement

Learning Terrestrial Solar Radiation

Solar Radiation Geometry

Learning Solar Radiation Data for India

Solar Thermal Energy Collectors

Learning Solar Thermal Energy

Learning Solar Thermal Collector

Laws of Thermal Radiation

Radiation Optics

Learning Types of Collectors

Solar Concentrating Collectors

Learning Compound Parabolic Concentrators (CPC)

Solar Thermal Energy

Learning Solar Thermal Energy Storage Technologies

Solar Thermal Energy Conversion Systems

Learning Thermodynamic Cycles And Solar Plants

Learning Solar Thermal Power Plants

Solar Ponds

Solar Pumping System

Learning Solar Air Heaters

Collector types

Learning Solar Crop Drying

Solar Kilns

Solar Cookers

Learning Energy Efficient Buildings

Learning Other Applications

Solar Optimization

Learning Optimization Basics

Determining the Problem Type

Learning Types of Optimization Problems

Optimize a Commercial PV System

PV System

Learning Basic Concepts

Semiconductor Materials for Solar Cells

Learning PV Hybrid System

Grid Interactive Solar PV Power System

Learning Solar Power Plant Using a Satellite

Plastic Solar Cells with Nanotechnology

Learning Peltier Cooler

Solar Energy and India

PV System Design

Learning Major System Components

Learning Solar PV System Sizing


PV System Certification

Learning Standards and Codes

Learning SPV Module Requirements

Module Mounting Structure Requirements

Junction Box Requirements

Learning Earthing for PV Array, Balance Of System (Bos) and Other Components and Lightning Protection

Learning Grid Support Inverters (GSI)

Learning Cables and Hardware

Learning AC Distribution Board (ACDB):

PV System Installation and Maintenance

Learning PV System Installation


Learning Maintenance

PV System Safety

Learning Occupancy Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Electrical Hazards

Learning Falling Hazards

Special Consideration

Learning Other Hazards

Solar Energy Farms

What is a Solar Farm?

Learning Rooftop Solar vs. Solar Farms

Learning Where can solar farms be located?

How much energy can solar farms generate?

How efficient are large scale solar farms?

Solar Power Projects

Learning Top Solar Power Plants in India

Grid Integration

Learning Indian Electricity Grid Operation and Management

Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Systems

Learning Integration with RLDC

Learning Smart Grid

Power Quality

Learning Solar Power Quality

Learning Unbalance and transients in solar equipment


Learning Power Reversal Issues

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