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Service Marketing Practice Exam

Service Marketing

Service Marketing is simply defined as a peculiarity wherein a service or an intangible item is advanced and advertised among the main interest group. A clever kind of marketing, service marketing has become very prominent in helping companies advance services all over the planet.

Skills Required


Imagination and Problem-Solving. 


Interpersonal Skills. 




Information Analysis and Analytics.

Computerized Marketing Specialist.

Computerized Account Executive.

Social Media Manager.

Computerized Marketing Manager.


Marketing Associate.

Account Supervisor.

Marketing Assistant.

Career Opportunity

Account Executive.

Advertising/Promotion Manager.

Brand Manager.


Marketing Manager.

Statistical surveying Analyst.

Media Planner.

Creation Manager.

Table of Content

Introduction to Services Marketing

Service Basics and Differences with Goods

Service Characteristics 

Growth and Career Opportunities 

Marketing Management

Marketing Basics 

The Value Proposition

Marketing Philosophies and Challenges 

Marketing Planning and Tasks

The Marketing Environment

Micro and Macro Environment 

Indian Industrial Policy of 1991

Services Sector Enterprise 

Operational Characteristics 

Service Tax

Consumer Behavior 

Indian Consumer Basics 

Consumers Expectations and Psychological Factors

The Purchase Decision Process

MIS and Market Research

MIS Basics and Role 

Marketing Research Methods

Online Marketing Research

Services Strategy

Strategic Planning Process

Market-oriented Strategy 

Corporate Strategy and Social Responsibility

Market Segmentation

Segmenting Consumers

Segmentation Criteria 

Segmentation Customization and Stages

Addressing the Competition 

Competition Types 

Competition Analysis

Competition Strategies

Demand Management

Demand Patterns

Demand Forecasting 

Demand Management

The Service Package

Customer Value Hierarchy 

Success Factors

Service Branding 

Service Branding Basics and Benefits 

Brand Equity and Positioning 

Visual Merchandising 

Physical Evidence 

Visual Merchandising 


Influencing Attributes 

Pricing Approach and Strategies


Service Distribution 

E- Retailing

Internal Marketing

Internal Marketing Objectives and Strategies

Employee Development

Internal Marketing Challenges

External Marketing

External marketing Need and Basics

Communication Campaign

Success Factors

Interactive Marketing

Customer Interaction and Roles 

Service Interaction Process 

Enhancing Customer Participation 

Service Quality Management

Service Quality and Determinants

Services Quality Process and Audit

Service Excellence

Service Failures and Recovery

Customer Grievances

Complaint Management

Service Recovery

Measuring Satisfaction 

Customer Relationship Management

CRM Basics and Benefits

CRM organization and Interaction


International Marketing 

International Market

Trade Barriers and WTO

International Marketing Programme

Consumer Protection in Services

Consumer Expectations and Concerns

Consumer Protection Act and NCDRC 

Service Disruption


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