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Selenium RC Practice Exam

Selenium RC

The Selenium comprises of four main components, namely Selenium IDE, RC, WebDriver, and Grid. Selenium RC is known as a test tool that allow its users to write automated web application UI test in various programming language against any HTTP website by utilizing any mainstream JavaScript-enabled browser. It is also known as the most powerful tool in Selenium because of its ability to support almost every browser existing presently. 

Roles and Responsibilities

They are responsible for developing, maintaining and executing automated test scripts

Performing tasks like enhancing existing automation framework developed in Selenium

Integrating Selenium scripts with Jenkins CloudBee

maintaining traceability of test Cases to automation test scripts

Developing automation test strategy and approach

Manage automation activities

Maintains well organized records of test results

Generating historical analysis of test results

Understand how changes in the software product affect test scripts.

Who should take this exam?

Anyone with a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in computers, computer science, or related field can take this exam.

Skills Required




Analytical skills


Career Prospects

Selenium tester

Automation engineer

Mobile testing lead

Senior QA Automation engineer

Software development test engineer

Table of Content


Learning Testing Automation tools

Learning Selenium Evolution

Introducing Selenium

Learning Selenium’s Tool Suite

Supported Browsers and Platforms

Selenium IDE

Learning Selenium IDE Introduction & Installation

Learning IDE Interface & Features

Building Test Cases

Learning Running Test Cases

Learning Selenium Commands – “Selenese”

Test Suits & Commonly Used Selenium Commands

Locating Elements

Learning Locating Elements

Learning Locating by XPath

Locating by DOM, CSS & Locating Hyperlinks

Regular Expressions

Learning Matching Text Patterns

Learning Using exact:


JavaScript & Selenese Parameters

Learning Selenese – Selenium Commands

Learning Event Firing

Expanding Selenium

Learning Test Suite Creation and Debugging

Learning User extensions


Selenium RC

Learning Concepts and need

Learning Install and Configure RC server

From Selenese to a Program

Learning RC based tests development and conversion


Learning Setting up WebDriver using java

Learning Configuring Selenium-WebDriver using C#, Python & Ruby

Learning WebDriver API Commands and Operations

Selenium Grid

Learning Selenium Grid Basics

Learning Installing selenium grid

Learning Configuring selenium grid

Learning Hub Configuration

Advanced Selenium

Learning Cookie management

Learning Network traffic capture

Learning Video and screenshot capture

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