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Salesforce Pardot Consultant Practice Exam - RETIRED

Salesforce Pardot Consultant 

About Salesforce Pardot Consultant Exam

The Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant exam is planned for individuals who have expertise implementing the Pardot statement and can explain Salesforce management concepts that correlate to Pardot features. The certification exam comprises the Pardot purpose and its integration on the Salesforce platform. So, the potential candidates should be responsible to invent and implement solutions using Pardot’s marketing-automation abilities that match customers’ business necessities and long-term commitment goals.

Recommended Knowledge

  • Identifying and understanding a customer’s current marketing to sales tactics.
  • Mapping customers aim to Pardot features.
  • Recommending automation methods to accomplish business objectives.
  • Articulating the connections and importance of technical setup.
  • Analyzing existing lead requirement strategy and making suggestions for translating into Pardot.
  • Interpreting data generated in Pardot reporting means to make recommendations for system optimization.
  • Set up and evaluate reports/dashboards in B2B Marketing Analytics.
  • Administering differing objectives in distributions of a company using Pardot Business Units.
  • Developing and administering integration between Pardot and Salesforce.
  • Investing time in examining the resources listed in this Exam Guide and any supplementary study materials provided by Pardot.  

Exam Details

Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant exam has approximately 60 questions which are in the form of multiple-choice or multiple-response. Further, a candidate will be allotted 90 minutes to complete the exam. The passing score for the exam is 68%. Also, the registration fee for the exam is USD 200. 

Scheduling the exam

The Salesforce exam can be scheduled either at an onsite proctored center or online with a virtual proctor. You can select either of them. Candidates who wish to appear for the exam must create an account on Webassessor.

Salesforce Pardot Consultant Course Outline

The Salesforce Pardot Consultant Exam covers the following topics -

Evaluation (17%)

  • An assessment of a customer’s modern Salesforce and Pardot view as well as business objectives, analyzing and making recommendations on a path forward
  • Designing a strategy to recognize customer business demands based on marketing trends using currently accessible tools and methods

Account Configuration (20%)

  • Articulating the implications and importance of technical setup (Salesforce Documentation: Account Settings)
  • Developing a plan to maintain data integrity during data migration (Salesforce Documentation: Your Guide to Asset and Data Migration)
  • Given a usage governance plan, produce and recommend a strategy that approaches organization and authorization (Salesforce Documentation: Using Naming Convention)

Automating Business Processing (17%)

  • Recommending the best automation tool such as automation rule, dynamic list, completion action, segmentation rule (Salesforce Documentation: Choosing the Right Automation Tool)
  • Designing an order of events in Pardot to complete a marketing initiative like assets, automation, notifications, etc (Salesforce Documentation: Choose the Right Automation Tool)
  • Producing and implementing a lead nurturing strategy

Email Marketing (10%)

  • Applying email marketing standards and best methods to customer business requirements (Salesforce Documentation: Pardot Email Marketing Overview)

Lead Management (14%)

  • Making and recommending a lead generation procedure including Pardot assets (Salesforce Documentation: Pardot Lead Scoring and Qualification)
  • Suggesting a model route passed and unqualified leads over the business

Personalizing the Prospect Experience (8%)

  • Prescribing ways to personalize the prospect knowledge (Salesforce Documentation: Pardot Dynamic Content Training)
  • Creating a plan to meet a company’s permission management requirements

Reporting, Metrics, and Analytics (11%)

  • Approving the technical set-up demands for reporting and analytics (Salesforce Documentation: Pardot Reporting Overview)
  • Classifies reporting purposes to solve a given scenario

Salesforce Engage (3%)

  • Configuring Salesforce Engage for sales use (Salesforce Documentation: Setup Salesforce Engage)
  • Summarizing the benefits of Salesforce Engage (Salesforce Documentation: Salesforce Engage)

Exam Policies

Salesforce Certification provides exam policies to support the candidates by providing every detail related to the certification program. These exam policies help candidates understand and gather all the necessary information about after the exam or before exam procedures. This also includes the exam retaking process, rules to be followed during the exam time, and other information about the exams and its testing centres.

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