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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Practice Exam

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Exam

About the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Exam

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer exam has been built to give an overall experience in configuring and customizing data for the Marketing Cloud. As a Marketing Cloud developer, you attain knowledge in subscriber management across channels together with the ability to troubleshoot various programmatic languages that guide the design of both tactical and strategic email campaigns. As a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer, you will experience the work culture of a full-stack developer for Marketing Cloud. You will learn to create personalized, dynamic messages, landing pages, makes use of Marketing Cloud scripting languages, as well as experience data configuration, manipulations and advanced segmentation, as well as reporting and analytics.

Who should take the exam?

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer program has been designed for developers with hands-on experience developing for Marketing Cloud. Candidates planning to take the exam must have proven experience with the administration and configuration of the Marketing Cloud Email application, as demonstrated through successful completion of the Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist exam. The certification has been built to target Marketing Cloud Developer having the experience in developing dynamic, personalized marketing assets such as emails, landing pages, and forms leveraging HTML, CSS, and AMPscript. The Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developer is also proficient in SQL and has experience in using Marketing Cloud APIs.

As a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer, you are generally suggested to have at least 1 year of experience developing for Marketing Cloud and associated tools.  

Note: You are not expected to know MobilePush SDK, Journey Builder SDK, custom components, and how to configure Marketing Cloud Connect.

Skills Acquired

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer candidate you will acquire the skills -

  • To configure and set-up data models (data extensions, shared data extensions, Contact model).
  • To configure data import.
  • T work with customers and platform data (SQL, views, Send Log).
  • To write basic SQL, including join statements.
  • To create dynamic, personalized marketing assets using various scripting languages.
  • To build Marketing Cloud web experience (data forms, custom preference pages).
  • To explain subscription management.
  • To work through and resolve scenarios using REST and SOAP API.

Exam Details

  • Total Questions: 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions
  • Exam Duration: 105 minutes
  • Passing score: 63% and above 
  • Exam References: No hard copy or online materials may be referenced during the exam.
  • Prerequisite: Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist credential

Course Outline

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer exam covers the following topics -

1. Data Modeling: 14%

  • Configure account Contact model in Marketing Cloud.
  • Given a scenario, differentiate the various types and uses of data extensions in the Marketing Cloud.
  • Describe how Contact Records relate across channels.
  • Explain the Contact Delete process.

2. Programmatic Languages: 35%

  • Given a scenario, demonstrate knowledge of AMPscript and SSJS language syntax and functions.
  • Implement standard development best practices using Marketing Cloud programming languages.
  • Describe how Marketing Cloud handles AMPscript processing.
  • Given a customer scenario, determine how to programmatically exclude a subscriber at email send time.

3. API: 22%

  • Given a scenario, describe API objects, methods, and routes.
  • Describe the OAuth authentication flow and how an access token is used in SOAP and REST headers.
  • Given a scenario, evaluate the significance of response handling.

4. Data Management: 22%

  • Configure import activity using various file formats within Marketing Cloud.
  • Given a scenario, apply SQL to produce the desired results.
  • Given a scenario, explain the different ways to extract data from Marketing Cloud.
  • Describe SQL best practices for managing data in Marketing Cloud.
  • Given a scenario, apply best practices for send logs.
  • Given a scenario, describe how data is affected by the Contact delete process.

5. Security: 7%

  • Identify different options to secure data in Marketing Cloud.
  • Describe security best practices in Marketing Cloud.

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