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Salesforce Administrator (ADM-201) Exam

Salesforce Administrator (ADM-201) Exam

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Salesforce Administrator (ADM-201) Exam

Salesforce Admin certification is for the Salesforce administrators to validate their knowledge of Salesforce applications, configuration and management of Salesforce with additional capabilities. Salesforce Certified Administrator candidates should have general knowledge of the features available to end users and the configuration options available to a Salesforce Administrator. Salesforce Administrator (ADM-201) Exam covers the breadth of applications, the features and functions available to an end user, and the configuration and management options available to an administrator across the Sales, Service, and Collaboration Clouds.

Who should take Salesforce Administrator (ADM-201) Exam?

Candidates should be able to maintain a Salesforce organization, respond to common business requirements, and perform administrative functions using current Salesforce features.  Salesforce Administrator credential is designed for individuals who have experience with Salesforce and continuously look for ways to assist their companies in getting even more from additional features and capabilities. 

Course Structure

Salesforce Administrator (ADM-201) Exam covers the following topics - 

  • Organizational Setup: 3%
  • User Setup: 7%
  • Security and Access: 13%
  • Standard and Custom Objects: 14%
  • Sales and Marketing Applications: 14%
  • Service and Support Applications: 13%
  • Activity Management and Collaboration: 3%
  • Data Management: 10%
  • Analytics—Reports and Dashboards: 10%
  • Workflow/Process Automation: 8%
  • Desktop and Mobile Administration: 3%
  • AppExchange: 2%


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Exam Format and Information

Exam Name Salesforce Administrator 
Exam Code ADM 201
Exam Duration 105 minutes
Exam Format Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions
Exam Type Proctored Exam
Number of Questions 60 Questions
Eligibility/Pre-Requisite None 
Exam Fee $200
Exam Language English
Passing Score 65%

Salesforce Administrator (ADM-201) Exam FAQs

You need to score 65% to pass this certification exam.
For getting certified as Salesfroce Administrator you should first get experience with Salesforce and get different ways to assist companies in getting more extra features. You should be able to maintain business requirements and perform admin functions using salesforce features.
This exam will cost you $200 USD including additional taxes.
Salesforce Admin certification is valid for 3 years.
1. Salesforce Admin troubleshoots various email campaigns that generates large amount of bounced mails. 2. They manage the software testing process which includes protocols for testing environment. 3. They are responsible for cleaning up the database and developing customized reports. 4. Managing and designing the development of system to meet the organization's requirements.
No, there is no pre-requisite for the Salesforce Admin Certification Exam. You can directly appear for this salesforce certification exam.
We believe that most people can pass this exam with the proper preparation, while there are numerous paid training courses available. Salesforce has many consultants at akaCRM that passed the exam on their first attempt and did it all via self-study.
The hiring companies need more certified Salesforce developers and certified Salesforce administrators as demand for Salesforce.com increases, to implement and maintain their systems. To stand out among other potential employees make yourself more marketable as a Salesforce.com expert and receive Salesforce certification.
Once purchased, the practice exams can be access for the lifetime.
Salesforce Admin certification tests candidate’s knowledge in salesforce applications and managing salesforce with more capabilities. Candidates are required to have good knowledge of Salesforce Administrator. This certification covers various features and functions available to a user and the management options available to an administrator across clouds.
An entry-level Salesforce Administrator with less than 5 years of experience can expect to earn average total compensation of $62,000 based on 1,186 salaries provided by anonymous users. There is a positive trend for Pay by Experience for a Salesforce Administrator.
1. Salesforce Admin certification exam is for those candidates who can meet the common business requirements and perform admin functions using various Salesforce features. 2. Before applying for the exam you should gain some experience in Salesforce and find ways to assist companies with more features.While preparing, 3. You should find the online course to get good study material and sets of questions to practice. These questions sets will help you to test your strength and weakness. 4. Research for blueprints available and start your preparation according to the weightage of topics. Try to focus on sections which have more weightage that will be beneficial in exam. 5. Give yourself time during preparation. Keep yourself stress free and you don’t have to study for long, slowly increase your study hours.
In Salesforce Administrator exam you will be given 105 minutes to do 60 questions.
1. Salesforcecertification helps you get advanced knowledge in understanding the Salesforce platform with maintaining sales and having good customer relations. 2. This certification will help you in getting all the updates about cloud technology in regards to field works and applications. 3. Salesforcecertification validates your skills and enhances extreme knowledge in Salesforce field which will be beneficial for companies hiring for this job.
1. Salesforce Administrator certification exam enhance your knowledge in salesforce which will help you get a better job and career. 2. Many fortune companies are using Salesforce which has created an impact among individuals to go for Salesforce certification 3. In this you will get experience in real time scenarios and will help you enhance your analytical skills. 4. You will get knowledge of latest trends in sales and in depth knowledge of having a good customer relation.
It is not required to have technical background in Salesforce Administrator certification. This certification requires a good knowledge in meeting business requirements using Salesforce and can perform admin functions using Salesforce features.
If you are a beginner then Salesforce Administrator certification will be best. In this certification you will get an in depth knowledge in understanding Salesforce on both developer and customer sight.
It is not required to clear any certification before applying to Salesforce developer. But it is recommended to pass Salesforce Administrator exam. This certification will help you get an in depth knowledge and experience in implementing different features of salesforce. It will also give an overview about developing functions using SFDC (Sales force dot com) platform.
Salesforce Admin works on meeting the business requirements and performing admin task using Salesforce features. They can also add new functionalities to system that can be further implemented by pre-built components. Salesforce Developer is for editing salesforce according to business requirements. Developers in Salesforce need to have a good knowledge in web development which includes HTML, CSS and JavaScript. There are pre-built components which are used for delivery functionality.
The main topics covered in Salesforce Administrator exam are, 1. Service and Support Applications: (13%) 2. Activity Management and Collaboration: (3%) 3. Data Management: (10%) 4. Analytics-Reports and Dashboards: (10%) 5. Workflow/Process Automation: (8%) 6. Desktop and Mobile Administration: (3%) 7. AppExchange: (2%) 8. Organizational Setup: (3%) 9. User Setup: (7%) 10. Security and Access: (13%) 11. Standard and Custom Objects: (14%) 12. Sales and Marketing Applications: (14%)
Yes, you have access to the practice set questions which will be available once you have registered for the course.
Salesforce.com was founded in March 1999, in part by former Oracle executive Marc Benioff. It is a cloud computing and social enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider based in San Francisco.
Yes testprep training offers free practice tests for Salesforce Administrator (ADM-201) Exam which can be used before the final purchase for complete test.
Yes our experts frequently blog about the tips and tricks for exam preparation.
Yes, we offer a 100% unconditional money back guarantee. In case you are not able to clear the exam for then you can request for the full refund. Please note that we only refund the cost of product purchased from Testprep Training and not the Salesforce Administrator (ADM-201) Exam cost.
Yes, Testprep Training offers email support for any certification related query while you are preparing for the exam using our practice exams. Your query will be handled by experts in due course.
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