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Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT®) Practice Exam

Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT®)

Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT®) Product page 

Registered Health Information Technicians are the authorities on handling the ins and outs of electronic health records (EHR) operations. From maintaining patient health reports to managing classifications to code and categorize patients’ tests and diagnosis for insurance billing persistence, RHITs excel in interacting with healthcare staff and external insurance spokespeople to guarantee that a patient’s journey is well documented. An RHIT also examines patient data, with the purpose of controlling healthcare costs and increasing patient care. Some RHITs specialize in coding or compiling data for particular diseases or illnesses.

Who should take this exam?

RHIT applicants must meet one of the following eligibility conditions:

  • Successfully achieve the academic demands, at an associate's degree level, of a Health Information Management (HIM) program commissioned by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM); OR
  • Bachelor from an HIM program recommended by a foreign association with which AHIMA has a reciprocity agreement.

Course Structure 

The important topics covered in this exam are -

1. Domain 1 – Data Content, Structure, and Information Governance (24-28%)

Applying health information guidelines. 

Apply healthcare standards (e.g. Joint Commission, Meaningful Use)

Defining the legal health record

Maintaining the integrity of the legal health record

Audit content and completion of the legal health document (e.g. validate the document content)

Maintain secondary health information (e.g. patient registration, financial records)

Educate clinicians on documentation and content

Coordinate document control (e.g. create, revise, standardize forms)

Maintaining the MPI

2. Domain 2 – Access, Disclosure, Privacy, and Security (12-16%)

Managing disclosure of PHI using regulations, laws, and guidelines (e.g. ROI, accounting of disclosures)

Determine the right of access to the legal health record

Educating internal customers (e.g. clinicians, staff, volunteers, students) on access, privacy, and disclosure

Educating external customers (e.g. patients, attorneys) on privacy, access, and disclosure

Assess health record disposition (retain, archive, or destroy) 

Conducting privacy audits

Conducting security audits

3. Domain 3 – Data Analytics and Use (14-18%)

Abstracting data

Analyze data

Analyzing privacy audits

Analyze security audits

Report data (e.g. registries, core measures)

Compiling healthcare statistics and reports

Analyze healthcare statistics (e.g. census productivity, resource allocation, delinquency rates)

4. Domain 4 – Revenue Cycle Management (14-18%)

Code medical record documentation

Querying clinicians

Conducting utilization review

Managing denials (e.g. coding or insurance)

Conduct coding audits

Providing coding education 

Monitor DNFB

Analyzing the case-mix

5. Domain 5 – Compliance (13-17%)

Refine departmental procedures

Performing quality assessments

Assessing risks (e.g. patient care, legal)

Reporting health information noncompliance

Ensuring HIM compliance (e.g. coding, ROI, CDI)

Maintaining standards for HIM functions (e.g. chart completion, coding accuracy, ROI turnaround time, departmental workflow)

Monitoring regulatory changes for timely and accurate implementation

6. Domain 6 – Leadership (11-15%)

Providing education regarding HIM regulations and laws 

Reviewing HIM means

Creating or modify HIM policies

Creating or modify HIM procedures

Establishing standards for HIM functions (e.g. coding accuracy, chart completion, ROI, turnaround time, departmental workflow)

Collaborating with other departments for HIM interoperability

Providing HIM technical expertise

Exam Format

  • Exam Name: Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT®)
  • Number of Questions: 150 questions
  • Exam Fee: $299 (non-member fee)
  • Exam Format: Multiple-choice
  • Passing score: 70%
  • Time Given: 3.5 hours 

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