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Quality Control Practice Exam

Quality Control

A company’s reputation is based on the product and services that they provide. It is also necessary that they maintain the quality of their services to remain in the competitive market. Therefore, it is a company’s responsibility to look after the quality of the product that they are giving. Companies hire professionals known as the Purchase or Procurement manager who is responsible to look after the quality and all the steps involved in the production of the product. They are responsible for keeping a record of all the transactions and activities of the production sector.

Roles and Responsibilities

Some of the major roles and responsibilities of such professionals are as follow:

Responsible for developing, leading, and executing purchasing strategies.

Formulation of functional metrics for reducing expenses.

Connect with various stakeholders for ensuring clear requirements documentation.

Forecast price and market trends for identifying any changes.

Perform cost and analysis and assess, manage, and mitigate risks.

Manage daily purchasing activities, supervising staff, and allocating tasks.

Determine and manage inventory needs.

Manage the maintenance of office/manufacturing equipment and machinery.

Who should give this exam?

Anyone with a bachelor’s degree in Economics or BBA can take up this exam. Moreover, students with a post-graduate degree in Purchase and Logistics as well as master’s in business administration can take this exam as well.

Skills Required

Financial Management skills

Management skills

Market researching tactics

Negotiation skills

Communication skills

Marketing capabilities

Knowledge of subjects like mathematics, economics, logistics, supply chain etc.

Career Prospects

Manufacturing Companies

Departmental / Convenience Stores

Export Houses

Production Houses

Healthcare Products and Service Delivery Companies

Educational Institutions etc.

Table of Content

The Quality Controls exam covers the following topics - 

Materials Management

Learning Objectives of Materials Management

Learning Functions of Materials Management

Organisation of Materials Management

Learning Need, Scope and Functions of Integrated Material Management

Materials Planning

Learning Need of Materials Planning

Learning Factors affecting Materials Planning

Learning Tools of Materials Planning

Principles and Procedure for Materials Planning

Basic concepts of MRP (Material Requirements Planning)

Learning MRP Processing

Computer Application to MRP Process

Learning MRP reports – Database recording and maintenance

Independent and dependent MRP system

Materials Budgeting

Learning Basic concepts of Materials Budgeting

Learning Factors affecting Materials Budget

Materials Budgeting and Accounting

Material Classification, Standardization and Codification

Material classification for variety reduction

Learning Basic concepts of codification

Systems of codification

Learning Classification by codification

Objectives and scope of standardization

Simplification/Variety of reduction

Learning Levels of standard

Material Handling

Importance and Objectives of Material Handling

Learning Types and Practices of Material Handling Systems


Waste Management – Surplus and Obsolete

Damage and Pilferage

Learning Cost Analysis

Equipments for Material Handling

Stores Management and Warehousing

Warehousing Functions and Objectives

Learning Types of Stores – Centralized and decentralized

Stores Layout, Storage Media and Physical Verification

Learning Factors affecting Successful Store-keeping

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse Operating Principles

Learning Strategy for Warehousing

Planning the Distribution Warehouse

Learning Automated Warehousing

Schemes / Tools of Automated Warehousing

Inventory Management

Learning Types of Inventory

Learning Types of Inventory Costs and factors affecting

Inventory Management Models

Learning Techniques of Inventory Control

Inventory Performance Measurement

Purchase Management System

Learning Objectives of Purchasing

Functions and responsibilities of Purchase Department

Learning Methods of Purchasing

Purchase Department Organization

Learning JIT Purchasing – Prerequisites and Elements

Vendor Management

Learning System of Vendor evaluation

Parameters for evaluation of Vendors Performance

Social Audit

Total evaluation – Purchasing Performance, Quantitative Objects etc

Guidelines for purchase through tender and negotiation tender committee

Learning Purchase Review

Value Analysis System

Value Analysis – Procedure and Approach

Learning Tools for Value Analysis

Negotiation Skills

Learning Basic approaches for Negotiation

Strategy and Planning for Negotiation

Learning Tactics of effective negotiation

Statistical Quality Control

Application and Variances

Process Control Procedures

Acceptance Sampling

Operating Characteristic Curves

Stock Keeping and Accounting

Maintaining Database system

Preparing reports

Managing Queries

Legal Framework

Learning The Indian Contract Act, 1872

Learning The Sales of Goods Act, 1930

Special Purchase Contracts

Goods Delivery

Additional Resources

Quality Control

Learning Components and characteristics of quality

Learning Objectives and functions of quality control

Acceptance sampling – Principles and Practices

Double and Multiple Sampling

Learning OC and AOQ Curve

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