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QA Management Practice Exam

QA Management

Quality Assurance Management Software. Quality assurance (QA) management software helps companies consent to regulations and standards.  A QA system connects all your quality processes. It gives you the tools to limit human blunder and further develop collaboration.

Skills Required

Skills in analysis.

The ability to make considered decisions and to communicate them adequately.

Incredible technical skills.

Great numerical skills and an understanding of statistics.

Leadership ability.

Planning and organization skills.

Interpersonal skills.

Critical thinking skills.

Career Opportunity

QA manager

Quality Analyst

Quality Manager

Table Of Content


History of Quality Movement

Continuous Improvement

Quality Pioneers

Quality Management in Software

Quality Concepts

Customer Expectations

SQA Personnel Skills

Essential Soft Skills

Team Handling


Communication Skills

Time Management

Work ethics

Conflict Handling

Negotiation Skills

Value Proposition

SQA economics

Cost Matrix, SLA and ROI

Quality Management Tools

Base Lining




Six Sigma

Cause-and-Effect Diagram


Control Charts

Quality Models and Standards

ISO standards


ISO/IEC 15504



Product Quality

Product Quality Basics

Quality Factors

McCall’s Factor Model

Software compliance with quality factors

Product Quality Metrics

SQA Overview

Software Quality Challenges

Software Quality Expectations

SQA Components

Software Testing

Software Development Methodology

SQA Issues

Planning and Framework

SQA Planning

SQA Plan

SQA Management Plans

Output and Principles

SQA Planning Standards

Organizational Maturity

Develop and implement framework

Best practices

Integrating SQA

SQA Process Integration

Project Initiation and SQA

Project Planning and SQA

Analysis and SQA

Design and SQA

Coding and SQA

Testing and SQA

Implementing and SQA

Project Closing and SQA

Software Configuration Management (SCM)

Need and Objective

SCM Tasks

SCM Plan and Tools

Software Configuration Management

Base lining

Software Configuration Control

Software Configuration Auditing

Verification and Validation

V&V Basics

Audits, Reviews, and Inspection

Static Analytic Techniques

Dynamic Techniques

Integrating V&V

Test coverage

Analysis Techniques

Analysis Basics

Quality Tools

Balance Scorecard

Quality Function Deployment (QFD)


Metrics Concepts

Metric Requirement

Metric Types

Factors Affecting Metrics

Metric Relevance

Risk Management

Risk Concepts

Risk Types

Risk Management Process

Risk Based Testing



Software Auditing

Software Auditing Basics

Software Audit Types

Internal Controls

Advanced SQA

SQA Tools

CASE Tools

Test Automation

Testing Estimation

Mobile Application Testing

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