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Production and Operations Management Practice Exam Questions

Production and Operations Management Practice Exam Questions

The aim of the production function is to add value to the product/service that creates a robust and long-lasting customer association. This is achieved by a healthy and productive relationship between Marketing and Production people. Hence, this exam is an ideal choice for you if you wish to excel in the same area.


This exam has the following benefits-

1. It helps in displaying your skills.

2. It makes you stand out in the competitive job environment.

3. It helps in boosting your CV.

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Course Outline

The Production and Operations Management Exam covers the following topics - 

Production and Operations Management (POM)

Introduction to Operations Management

Evolution of Operations Management 

Key Functions 

Introduction to Production Management

Production ManagementFunctions

Service and Manufacturing Organization

Strategic Management

Defining Strategy

Understanding Organizational Strategy

Operations Strategy

Process of Strategic Management

Strategic Management Tools

Facility Location

Reason for considering Facility Location

Location Strategy and significance

Factors affecting Plant Location


Methods for Location Selection 

Layout Design

Basics of Layout Design

Layout Planning


Products and ProcessesDesign

Layout Design for Services

Job Design and Work Measurement

Material Handling

Introduction to Material Handling

Materials HandlingObjectives

Material HandlingPrinciples

Equipment for Material Handling 

Unit Load

Selection Factors

Types of Materials Handling Equipment 

Product and Process Design

Basics of Product Design 

Product Development

Designing Tools

Design of Services

Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Understanding Process Design

Process types

Modern Production Technologies

Process Re–Engineering

Production Planning Control

The PPC Cycle

Production Planning ControlObjectives


Factors influencing PPC

PPC Procedures and Organization

Measurement of Effectiveness

Inventory Management

Inventory types

Types of Inventory Costs 

Factors influencing Inventory

Models of Inventory Management 

Inventory Control methods

Inventory Performance Measurement

Tools for Inventory Management

Quality Management


Product vs Service Quality

Understanding Quality Management

Cost of Quality

Principles of Quality

Methods of Quality Management 

Base Lining


Value Analysis 

Knowledge of TQM and PDCA

Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

Understanding FMEA

Six Sigma

Knowledge of Lean and 5S

Cause-and-Effect Diagram

CPM/PERT and Control Charts

Quality Standards

Quality Performance Measurement

Maintenance Management

Understanding Maintenance Management

Maintenance types

Preventive and Total Productive Maintenance

Understanding Reliability and Maintenance

Reliability Centred Maintenance

Managing Spare Parts 


Defining Productivity

Significance of Productivity

Factors influencing Productivity

Measuring Productivity

Improving Productivity

Work, Method and Motion Study

Work Measurement

Time Study



Various Forecasting Models

Understanding Weighted Moving Average

Causal Forecasting Models

Linear and Multiple Regression Analysis

Forecasting Methods

Forecasting Error

Forecast Evaluations

Understanding Forecast Management

Operations Research

Introduction to Operations Research

OR Application

Understanding Linear Programming


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