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People Management Practice Exam

People Management

People management alludes to the act of enrolling, preparing, drawing in, and holding workers to improve their ability and boost their efficiency. A subcategory of Human Resource Management (HRM), people management incorporates Training and advancement. Enrolment. Remuneration and advantages.

Skills Required

Trust. As in any relationship, trust is significant. 

Great correspondence. 

Capacity to rouse. 


Capacity to recognize a job well done. 

Critical thinking abilities. 



Career Opportunity 

HR Generalist. 

HR scout.

HR specialist. 

Remuneration Manager. 

Worker Relations Manager. 

Preparing and Development Manager. 

Change specialist. 

Specialized Recruiter.

Table of Content 

Strategic Human Resource Management


Significance of HRM

Objectives of HRM

Functions of Human Resource Management

Modes of Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Planning and Human Resource Practices

Limitations of HRM

Career in Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Planning (SHRP)

Purpose of Strategic Human Resource Planning

Methods used for Human Resource Planning

Strategic Human Resource Planning Process

Difficulties in Human Resource Planning

Prerequisites for successful Human Resource Planning

Integrating Human Resource Planning into Strategic Planning

Recruitment of the Right Resources

Job Analysis

Job Design

Job Description

Job Specifications

Job Evaluation

Quality of Work Life and Quality Circle

Recruitment and Selection


Theories of Recruitment

Stages of an Effective Recruitment Process

Sources of Recruitment

Recruitment Policies

Equal Employment Opportunity

Employee Selection

Techniques of Selection

Induction / Orientation


Training and Development

Nature and Importance of Training

Methods of Training

The Training Process

Role of trainer

Human Resource Development

Performance Appraisal

Objectives and Strategies for Performance Appraisal

Methods of Performance Appraisal

Performance Review Interview

Process of Performance Appraisal

Benefits of Performance Appraisal

Change Management

Reasons for Change

Types of Organizational Change

McKinsey’s 7-S Model

Process of Change

Challenges in Change

Career and Succession Planning

Significance of Career Planning and Progression

Career Anchors and Stages

Features of Career Planning

Process of Career Planning

Problems in Career Planning

Career Planning versus HRP

Succession Planning – Features and Scope

Major Factors affecting Career Progression

Important Terms

Compensation Management

Concept of Compensation

Job Evaluation and Compensation

Concept of Wage, Salary and Fringe Benefits

Employee Stock Options

Negotiating at Work

Employee Health and Safety

Trends in HRM

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)

Industrial Relations

International Strategic Human Resource Management

Knowledge Management

Corporate Social Responsibility


CSR Activities

Rationale for CSR

Drawbacks of CSR

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