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Organizing Exhibitions Practice Exam

Organising Exhibitions

A Coordinating event professional is the one who organise and manage events for organisations. These professionals plan, manage, and execute the complete event by practising various skills like marketing, public relations, taxes, laws logistics, financing, catering, security, and safety. They are responsible for managing both big and small events for a company as per their requirements.

Who should take this exam?

Anyone who is interested in event management, public relation, and marketing department can take up this exam to boost their skills.

Skills Required

Communication skills

Management skills

Interpersonal skills

Laws and Logistics

Career Prospects

Project manager

Event manager

Financing manager

Human resource

Table of Content

Introduction to Events

What are Events?

Learning Objectives of Events

Learning Event Characteristics

The Wow Factor

Learning Types of Events

Why Events?

So When Do We Need Events?

Event linked to Product Launch

Learning Company Market Entry

Sales Conference

Learning Product Education

Dealer Conference




Learning Community Event

Event Manager Skills

Key Skills Needed

Learning Communication Skills

Personality Development

Learning Self Grooming Tips

Stress Management

Time Management

Team Management Skills

Customer Relationship Management

Understanding Customer Behavior

Customers Expectations

Learning Building Customer Relationship

Structure of Events

Learning Events Structure

Event Process



Learning Budgeting and Discussion


Schedule of Items

The Suppliers

Learning Event Planning


Event Planning


Project Scope

Feasibility Study



Learning Task Analysis


Analysis and Allocation

Implementation of the Plan

Learning PERT/CPM

Learning Event Marketing

The Marketing Environment

The Marketing Mix

Market research

Research Methods

Learning Event Marketing Plan

Learning Public Relations


Learning Functions of Public Relations

Goals of Public Relations

Learning Steps in Public Relations Campaign

Public Relations in India

Learning Site Planning


Learning Event Settings

Site Selection Factors

Learning Event Logistics


Scope and Models

Learning Logistics Management

Factors to Consider

Learning Logistic Planning

Learning Event Financing

Learning Financial Management

Income Sources



Cost and Cash Flow Management

Learning Financing

Break-Even Analysis


Learning Accounting and Audit

Learning Human Resource Management


Learning Human Resource Planning

Volunteer Recruitment

Learning Job Descriptions and Analysis

Recruitment and Selection

Screening and Selection

Learning Recruitment Approach



Supervision and Evaluation

Learning Performance Appraisal


Learning Health, Safety and Security


Learning Risk Assessment

Fire Safety

Gate and Door Control

Crowd Control

Learning Electrical Installations & Lighting

Food, Drink & Water

Sanitary Facilities

Waste Management

Special Effects, Fireworks & Pyrotechnics

Learning Emergency Planning

Learning Monitoring and Evaluation


Event Evaluation

Learning Evaluation Process

Learning Evaluation Methods

Event Surveys

Learning Media Coverage of an Event





Example Study – Sahara Kargil Benefit Soccer Match

Learning Media Relations


Building Relations with Media

Public Relations Assistance to Media

Media Relations Norms

Press Conference

Holding a Press Conference

Learning Event Branding


What is Branding?

Brand Equity

Establishing a Brand

Event Branding

Event Branding Principles

Learning Event Catering


Types of Catering

Catering Planning

Buffet Set-Up


Learning Distribution

Ancillary Services

Trade Media

Hotel Booking agencies

Learning Convention Bureau/Trade promotion cells




Learning Celebrities and Events

Celebrity Becoming a Brand

Celebrity Advertising

Literature Survey

Image Communication in Marketing

Factors Critical in Celebrity Advertising

Observations on Celebrity Endorsements

Learning Reasons for Celebrity Endorsements

Learning Flaws in Endorsing Celebrities

Learning Property Creation

How to Create Properties

Learning Social, Economic, Political and Developmental Implications


The Implications of Special Events

Social and Community Implications of Events

Learning Economic Implications of Events



The Revolution Begins

What is Exhibition?

Why Visit an Exhibition

Learning The Economic Impact of Exhibitions

Objective of Holding an Exhibition

Exhibiting for the Right Reasons

Learning Types of Exhibition

Display Work for Your Exhibition

More Than Mere Exhibitions

Augmenting Tourism Numbers

The Indian Viewpoint

Learning ITPO

Exhibitions in India

Exhibitions Overseas

Learning Event Management Laws

Learning Legal Aspects

The Companies Act of

Intellectual Property Law in India

Learning Trademarks


Learning The India Copyright Act

Learning The Trademark Act

Learning Event Management Taxes

Learning Entertainment Tax

Learning Service Tax

A Recap

Identify the Event

Learning Budgeting

Hiring sand Rentals

What Can Marketers Do to Reach This Position?

Marketing Your Event

Creating a Budget

Positioning Your Product /Event

Learning Attractions/ Flip Side

Employment Opportunities

Learning Case Study

Tasty Bite the Way to a Customers’ Heart and Stomach

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