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Oracle Inventory Cloud 2019 Implementation Essentials (1Z0-1073) Practice Exam

Oracle Inventory Cloud 2019 Implementation Essentials (1Z0-1073)

About Oracle Inventory Cloud 2019 Implementation Essentials (1Z0-1073)

Oracle Inventory Cloud 2019 Implementation Essentials (1Z0-1073) demonstrates the candidate knowledge required to configure an enterprise structure, design an enterprise configuration, model a financial reporting structure, and manage advanced inventory transactions. Candidates earning this certification will be able to analyze and manage the material request flow within Supply Chain Orchestration, and import on-hand balances, sub-inventories, and transfer orders via ADF Desktop Integration. 

Course Structure

The Oracle Inventory Cloud 2019 (1Z0-1073) Exam covers the following topics - 

1. Enterprise Structures, Legal Authorities, and Jurisdiction

Explain the fundamental structures for an enterprise

Configure an Enterprise Structure using the Configuration Workbench

Explain Jurisdictions and Legal Authorities

2. Reporting Structures

Explain management reporting structures

Configure a Shared Service Structure within an Enterprise Structure

Model a Business Unit within an Enterprise Structure

Explain how security relates to reporting structures

Explain General Ledger set up

Model a Financial Reporting Structure

3. Inventory Transactions

Create a Subinventory Transfer

Create a Miscellaneous Transaction

Create an Interorganization Transaction

Create a Movement Request

Explain Transfer Types

Perform a PO Receipt

Explain the relationship between Discrete Manufacturing and Inventory Transactions

Perform a Pick Slip confirmation

4. Consigned Inventory from a Supplier

Explain the Consignment Process

Create Consumption Advice

Explain Ownership Transfers from Consignment perspective

Perform a return for Consigned material

5. Plan Inventory Replenishment

Run a Min-Max Plan

Explain how Min-Max Reorder Quantities are calculated and rounded

Set up min-max related item and item subinventory‒level attributes

Explain the different types of supply requests generated from min-max planning

Explain PAR Location Management

6. Supply Chain Orchestration Overview

Explain the capabilities of supply chain orchestration

Configure the invocation of external Supply Chain Execution systems

Describe the Supply Lines Work Area and Supply Line Statuses

Configure advanced fulfillment configurations for Back to Back Order Processing

Configure the advanced fulfillment configurations for Contract Manufacturing Processing

7. Data Integration Approaches

Import on-hand balances via the ADF Desktop Integration

Import Transfer Orders via the ADF Desktop Integration

8. Legal Entities

Explain legal entities and their role within the system

Design an Enterprise Configuration

9. Cost Centers, Departments, Facilities, and Reference Data

Explain Cost Centers and Departments

Model an Item Organization setup

Describe Cost Organizations

Explain Reference Data Sets

Explain the sharing methods available for reference data

10. Advanced Inventory Transactions

Explain how Material Status Control affects transactions

Create Material Statuses

Implement lot and/or serial control

Perform lot and/or serial controlled transaction

Explain Item Availability types

Create Inventory Reservations

11. Back to Back Processing

Apply the Back to Back process flow

Explain Reservations with Back to Back processing

Manage exceptions in the Back to Back process flow

12. Inventory Counts

Explain the different types of Inventory Counting Methods

Create a Manual Cycle Count

Explain how cycle counts are generated

Perform a Physical Inventory

Explain how physical inventory adjustments affect the inventory balances

13. Supply Lines and Exceptions

Analyze and manage the material request flow within Supply Chain Orchestration

Analyze and manage the make flow within Supply Chain Orchestration

Analyze and manage the buy flow within Supply Chain Orchestration

Manage supply request exceptions

14. Costing and Inventory Foundations

Explain Common Inventory Configurations

Describe Managerial Accounting Basics

Explain Cost Accounting


Exam Pattern 

  • Exam Name: Oracle Inventory Cloud 2019 Implementation Essentials
  • Exam Code: 1Z0-1073
  • Number of Questions: 70
  • Length of Time:  120 minutes
  • Exam Fee: $245 USD 
  • Exam Language: English

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