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Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management Essentials (1Z0-588) Practice Exam

Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management Essentials (1Z0-588) 

About Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management Essentials (1Z0-588)

1Z0-588 exam is geared towards members of the Oracle Partner Network. This exam helps you in earning the Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management Specialization that is for individuals focused on selling and implementing a Master Data Management software solution to build consistency within master data assets despite endless changes within the underlying transactional and analytical systems. 

Skills Covered

The certification exam covers skills such as: 

Creating applications 

Working with hierarchies and nodes 

Defining properties 

Querying and comparing data 

Blending versions 

Formulas for derived properties and managing security

Course Structure

The Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management Essentials (1Z0-588) Exam covers the following topics - 

1. Implementation Scope and Risks

Describe best practices for project scoping and establishing implementation timelines

Describe common implementation risks

Describe phasing implementations

Describe implementation roles and responsibilities

Evaluate common customer Issues

Evaluate common customer strengths

Describe testing and rollout best practices

2. Managing the Initial Data Load

Perform structural reconciliation

Manage naming collisions

Manage duplicate nodes

3. Alternate Hierarchies

Define and build alternate hierarchies

Support differences or force consistency

Build alternate hierarchies from attributes and an export

4. Managing Data Feeds

Identify upstream and downstream systems

Identify and analyze interfaces used

Describe timing of feeds

Describe file format and restrictions

Describe Imports, Action Scripts, Blender, and Exports

Manage upstream data feed(s) and reconciliation

Manage downstream data feed(s) and reconciliation

Include skipping and padding levels in balance or recursive hierarchy feeds  

Manage multiple downstream systems of the same type

Generate mapping tables for ETL processes for downstream systems

Implement automated data feed(s)

5. Business Rules

Manage business rules for downstream systems

Manage business rules for client processes

Manage business rules to address system issues

6. Workflow

Evaluate if workflow is needed and determine workflow requirements

Integrate workflow through the request API

7. DRM Overview

Describe DRM key features

Manage versions

Manage hierarchies

Manage nodes

Use Property Queries

Manage Exports / Reports

Use Audit Data

Describe user roles and responsibilities

Describe the DRM Architecture

8. Managing Properties and Property Categories

Manage properties from upstream and downstream systems

Manage similar properties

Manage property defaults

Manage calculated properties (derived, inherited, lookup)

Manage property scoping

Manage node types

Manage property categories

Define and load properties and structure

9. Mappings

Manage basic one to one or one to many mappings using properties

Manage basic one to one or one to many mappings using hierarchies

Manage complex many to many mappings

10. Versioning

Manage version composition

Manage version timings

Manage usage of version status

Manage synch methodology for what/if and planning versions

11. Users

Manage users and assign roles

Manage node access groups and property categories

Manage node access for users

Setup anonymous access

12. API Integration

Evaluate API integration requirements

Integrate through the public API

Exam Pattern 

  • Exam Name:  Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management Essentials
  • Exam Code: 1Z0-588
  • Number of Questions: 73
  • Length of Time:  120 minutes
  • Exam Fee $245 USD 
  • Exam Language: English

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