Oracle Database 12c Certified Master Practice Exam (12cOCM)

Oracle Database 12c Certified Master Practice Exam (12cOCM) 

About Oracle Database 12c Certified Master (12cOCM) Exam 

Oracle Database 12c Certified Master (12coCM) exam is for candidates having an understanding of managing database availability, data management and data warehouse management.

Course Structure

The Oracle Database 12c Certified Master (12cOCM) exam covers the following topics - 

1. General Database and Network Administration 

Create and manage pluggable databases

Administer users, roles, and privileges

Configure the network environment to allow connections to multiple databases

Administer database configuration files

Configure shared server

Manage network file directories

2. Data Warehouse Management 

Manage database links

Manage a fast refreshable materialized view

Create a plug-in tablespace by using the transportable tablespace feature

Optimize star queries

Configure parallel execution

Apply a Patch

Configure Automatic Data Optimization, In-Row Archiving, and Temporal Validity

Manage external tables

3. Performance Management 

Configure the Resource Manager

Tune SQL statements

Use real application testing

Manage SQL Plan baselines

Capture performance statistics

Tune an instance

Configure and manage result cache

Manage extended statistics

Create and manage partitioned indexes

Control CPU use for Oracle Instances

Configure and manage "In Memory" features

4. Grid Infrastructure

Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure

Create ASM Disk Groups

Create and manage ASM instances

Configure ASM Cloud File System (ACFS)

Administer Oracle Clusterware

Manage Flex Clusters and Flex ASM

5. Manage Database Availability 

Install the EM Cloud Control agent?

Configure Recovery Catalog

Configure RMAN

Perform a full database backup

Configure and monitor Flashback Database

6. Data Management 

Manage additional buffer cache

Optimize space usage for the LOB data

Manage an encrypted tablespace

Manage schema data

Manage partitioned tables

Set up Fine-Grained Auditing

Configure the database to retrieve all previous versions of the table rows

7. Data Guard

Administer a Data Guard environment

Create a physical standby database

Configure a standby database for testing

Configure a standby database to apply redo

Configure a standby database to use for reporting

Configure fast start failover

Manage DDL in a Data Guard environment

8. Real Application Cluster Database

Install Oracle Database software

Create a Real Application Clusters (RAC) database

Configure Database Services

Administer Oracle RAC databases on one or more cluster nodes

Exam Pattern 

  • Exam Name: Oracle Database 12c Certified Master 
  • Exam Code: 12coCM
  • Duration:  2 Day
  • Passing score: 59.95%
  • Exam Language: English

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