Oracle CX Marketing Data Management Platform 2020 (1Z0-1031-20) Practice Exam

Oracle CX Marketing Data Management Platform 2020 (1Z0-1031-20)

About Oracle CX Marketing Data Management Platform 2020 (1Z0-1031-20)

An Oracle Marketing Cloud Data Management Platform 2020 Implementation Specialist has demonstrated the knowledge required to apply data scoping and strategies, implement BlueKai Core Tags for first-party data ingest, and configure ad vendors and campaigns for data delivery. Individuals who earn this certification are able to facilitate media tagging and analytics, configure site side optimization, server data transfer and API methods for data delivery.

Exam Details

  • Exam Title: Oracle CX Marketing Data Management Platform 2020 Implementation Essentials
  • Exam Number: 1Z0-1031-20
  • Exam Price: $245 USD
  • Format: Multiple Choice
  • Duration: 85 Minutes
  • Number of Questions: 55
  • Passing score: 64%
  • Validated Against: This exam has been validated against Oracle Marketing Cloud, Data Management Platform 19D and 20A

Course Outline

The Oracle CX Marketing Data Management Platform 2020 (1Z0-1031-20) exam covers the following topics - 

1. Data Discovery

Describe data types and data sources and explain how 3rd party data is charged

Compose an example phint

Purchase third-party data from the third-party data marketplace

2. Data Ingest

Explain the methods and associated processes to ingest data into the Oracle Data Management Platform (DMP)

Create and configure a container and identify use cases for each tag type

Generate and explain the Site Hits Report

Generate and explain the Provider Inventory Trend Report

3. Implementation and Configuration

Describe the stages of implementation and their associated tasks

Explain Agency/Client models

Explain seat governance options and taxonomy permissioning

4. Audience Analytics

Describe and interpret the Audience Discovery Report

Describe and interpret the Audience Profile Report

Describe the Funnel Analysis Report, Audience Details Report, and Container Discovery Report

Explain the difference between a Sampled and Unsampled report

5. Case Studies

Describe digital marketing campaigns, including dependencies, data sources, and data channels

Identity Mapping

Describe how the Oracle ID Graph maps identities and define the IDs connected by the Oracle ID Graph

6. API Methods

Describe APIs and the access they provide

Identify where to find developer keys and how to authenticate them, and configure an API with the Oracle DMP

7. Data Taxonomy

Map data to categories

Design a use case for and create classification categories

Apply Oracle recommended methods for taxonomy structures and creation

Explain the methods used to review and update taxonomy and rule management

8. Data Classification

Create classification rules

Assess and update classification rules

9. Audience Management

Create an Audience and describe how to link and exclude segments

Create Audiences to facilitate A/B testing

10. Data Activation and Vendors

Explain use cases for look-alike models and how they are produced

Configure an app partner using primary solution types

Create a campaign using the creation tool

Generate reports to monitor and analyze vendor and media activity

11. Technical Overview of Data Ingest

Describe user IDs and the ID syncing paradigm

Describe key features of the BlueKai CoreTag  

Test and assess a Container

Explain the difference between a campaign pixel and regex pixel

12. Technical Overview of Data Activation

Explain the process of Server Data Transfer and describe the differences between Real-Time and Batch methods for Server Data Transfer

Implement the JSON Return Tag

Design a use case for tagging creatives

Describe the process for executing media analytics

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