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Network Security Essentials

Network Security Essentials

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Network Security Essentials

The Network Security Essentials exam assesses a candidate’s understanding of basic networking concepts as well as their ability to operate, set up, and monitor a WatchGuard Firebox. This test is also appropriate for network administrators who are familiar with the setting and maintaining Firebox devices that run Fireware v12.4.

Course Outline

The Network Security Essentials exam covers topics including - 

1. Fireware Knowledge

  • Firebox activation and initial setup
  • Network configuration
  • Policy and proxy configuration
  • Subscription services configuration
  • User authentication
  • Device monitoring, logging, and reporting
  • Branch office and mobile VPN configuration

2. General Network and Security Knowledge

  • IPv4 networking concepts (subnets, DNS, TCP/IP, DHCP, NAT, static routing)
  • General understanding of firewalls

Exam Format and Information

Exam Name Network Security Essentials
Exam Code NSE
Exam Duration 150 mins
Exam Format Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions
Exam Type Cloud Computing
Number of Questions 40-60 Questions
Eligibility/Pre-Requisite NIL
Exam Fee $165 USD
Exam Language English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean
Pass Score 700 (on a scale of 1-1000)

Network Security Essentials FAQs

You must achieve a score of at least 75% to pass a WatchGuard technical certification exam.

The Network Security Essentials exam assesses a candidate’s understanding of basic networking concepts as well as their ability to operate, set up, and monitor a WatchGuard Firebox.

Network Security Essentials Online Tutorial

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Certification is valid for two years.

No reference material or study aids are allowed when you take the exam.

Prepare for the How to prepare for Network Security Essentials Interview with a focus on detailed concepts and a learning guide.

Yes, and we recommend that you allow at least 24 hours between the time you schedule an online proctored exam and when you take the exam to make sure you have met all requirements. You can find detailed information on these requirements in the Kryterion Test Taker Guide. To summarize:

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The Network Security Essentials Exam consists of 70 that need to be completed within a time span of 120 minutes. You need to manage your time accordingly. 

Learn more with Network Security Essentials Exam Format

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Learning resources focus on achieving Network Security Essentials certification, it is important to cover up all the knowledge of basic networking and how to manage, configure and monitor a WatchGuard Firebox. 

Network Security Essentials Cheat Sheet

Network Security Essentials Exam Study Guide

The WatchGuard Network Security Essentials exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of basic networking and how to manage, configure and monitor a WatchGuard Firebox. 

Network Security Essentials Preparation Guide


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