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Natural Language Processing Fundamentals

Natural Language Processing Fundamentals

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Natural Language Processing Fundamentals

The five phases of NLP include lexical (structure) analysis, parsing, semantic analysis, discourse coordination, and logical analysis. Some notable application areas of NLP are Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Speech Recognition, Machine Translation, and Chatbots.

Table of Content

  • Introduction to NLP
  • Basic Feature Extraction Methods
  • Developing a Text Classifier
  • Collecting Text Data from the Web
  • Topic Modeling
  • Text Summarization and Text Generation
  • Vector Representation
  • Sentiment Analysis

Natural Language Processing Fundamentals FAQs

NLP, or natural language processing, is a type of man-made reasoning (AI) and is especially useful for recovering and examining unstructured information and general opinions, which is exceptionally gainful to many companies.

The development of NLP is sped up much more because of the constant advances in processing power. Despite the fact that NLP has developed significantly since its unassuming beginnings, industry experts say that its execution still remains one of the biggest large information challenges of 2021. Prior to placing NLP into use, you'll need information.

Complex Query Language-the system will be unable to give the right answer it the question that is ineffectively phrased or ambiguous.

The system is worked for a single and specific task in particular; it can't adjust to new domains and problems because of restricted functions.


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