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Mobile Application Testing Practice Exam

Mobile Application Testing

A Mobile Application Testing professional is also known as Appium professional. An Appium professional is the open who tests Ios, Android, and Windows applications using WebDriver protocol. Moreover, Appium helps these professionals to get a better understanding of mobile application testing. They can identify, record, and track defects in the applications and improve the device. 

Who should take this exam?

Anyone with a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in computer science, or related field can take this exam for better career opportunities.

Skills Required

Analytical skills

Basic computer knowledge



HTML, CSS, etc.

Career Prospects

QA Appium

Mobile App Tester

Senior Mobile Test Engineer

Appium Testing Lead/Appium Testing Architect and

Automation Engineer

Table of Content

Software Testing Introduction

Why to Test Software

Learning Testing Terminology

Test Organization

Learning Software Framework

Learning Test Framework

Learning Test Automation for Web Applications

To Automate or Not to Automate?

Web Development Basics

Learning  Web Application

Learning HTML

Learning CSS

Learning JavaScript

Learning Document Object Model (DOM)

Learning XPath

Popular Web Browsers

Inspecting Elements in Browser

Java Programming Language

Appium Basics

What is Appium?

Learning Appium Philosophy

Learning Appium Design

Learning Appium Concepts

Learning Appium Client Libraries

Installing Appium

Appium Clients

Learning Starting Appium

Running Your First Test

Appium Platform Support

Appium Commands

Appium Status Command

Execute Mobile Command

Learning Session Commands

Learning Device Commands

Learning Commands for Element

Learning Commands for Interaction

Writing and Running Tests In Appium

Running Tests

Desired Capabilities

The –default-capabilities flag

Appium Desktop

Finding and Interacting with Elements

Learning Automating Mobile Gestures

Learning Appium Server Arguments

Testing Mobile Web Apps Using Appium

Learning Automating Mobile Web Apps

Automating Hybrid Apps

Learning iOS WebKit Debug Proxy

Learning Chromedriver

Testing Mobile Web Apps Using Appium

Learning Automating Mobile Web Apps

Learning Automating Hybrid Apps

Learning iOS WebKit Debug Proxy

Learning Chromedriver

Appium Testing And iOS

The XCUITest Driver for iOS

Learning Appium XCUITest Driver Real Device Setup

Learning XCUITest Mobile Gestures

The UIAutomation Driver for iOS

Learning SafariLauncher Setup Instructions

Mobile App Management

Learning iOS Pasteboard

Learning iOS Predicate

Learning Touch ID

Learning iOS Install Certificate

Appium Testing And Android

The UiAutomator Driver for Android

Learning UiAutomator2 Driver for Android

Learning UiSelector

The Espresso Driver for Android

Learning Espresso DataMatcher Selector

Android Coverage

Learning The Selendroid Driver for Android

Execute Shell Commands

Learning Emulate IME Actions

Appium Advanced Usage

Finding and Interacting with Image Elements

Learning Element Finding Plugins

Learning Selenium Grid

Learning Cross-domain iFrame

Learning Running Multiple Xcode Versions

Learning Appium Event Timing

Parallel Testing

Learning Settings API

Memory Collection

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