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Microsoft Excel Advanced 2019 Practice Exam

Microsoft Excel Advanced 2019

Advanced Excel is very not quite the same as Basic Excel, the focus for the user is more on DSUM, DCOUNT, Pivot Table, Pivot Chart, Formulas, Functions, and Macros. Microsoft Excel 2019 is the most widely recognized spreadsheet software for business or personal use.  Spreadsheets assist you with overseeing information, performing calculations, diagram data, and sharing information inside an association.

Skills Required

Saving and Opening a Workbook. 

Overseeing Worksheets. 

Designing Cells. 


Excel Functions (Basic) 


Sorting Data. 

Find and Replace Option.

Career Opportunity

Information Analyst.

Metrics and Analytics Specialist.

MIS Executive.

Monetary Analyst.

Statistical surveying Analyst.

Large Data Engineer.

Large Data Analytics Architect.

Large Data Solution Architect and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Table of Content

Introduction to Excel 2019 Advanced Course

  • Prerequisites of the Course and Version of Excel
  • Course Structure
  • Functions

Functions - Part 1

Functions - Part 2

How Date and Time Works

  • Basic Date and Time Functions
  • Complex Date and Time Functions
  • Text Functions

Using Text Functions - Part 1

  • Logical Functions

Using Logical Functions

  • Lookup Functions

HLOOKUP Function

VLOOKUP Function

Financial Functions

Financial Functions and Terminology

  • Personal Financial Functions
  • Professional Financial Functions
  • Depreciation

Statistical Functions

  • Statistical Functions for Description - Part 1
  • Statistical Functions for Description - Part 2
  • Statistical Functions for Forecasting - Part 1
  • Statistical Functions for Forecasting - Part 2
  • Exercise 04

One Click Forecasting

  • Statistical Functions for Inference
  • Connecting to External Data

Connecting to Other Workbooks

  • Connecting to Access Databases
  • Connecting to Web Data Sources
  • Get and Transform
  • Exercise 05


  • Introduction to Tables
  • Working with Tables
  • Table References
  • Table Styles
  • Exercise 06

Pivot Tables

  • Introduction to Pivot Tables
  • Working with Pivot Tables
  • Filters and Slicers
  • Pivot Charts
  • Exercise 07
  • Data Analysis

What If Analysis

  • Scenario Manager
  • Goal Seek
  • Solver
  • Exercise 08

Graphs and Charts

  • Area Charts
  • Surface Charts
  • Radar Charts
  • Bubble Charts
  • Sparklines
  • Stock Charts
  • Exercise 09

Excel Web App

  • Introduction to Excel Web App
  • Using the Excel Web App

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