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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service (Exam MB-240) Practice Exam

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service (Exam MB-240) 

About Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service MB-240 Certification

MB-240 is for candidates who are Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, functional consultants, with Field Service expertise. Candidates in this exam implement solutions that manage resources that complete the field service lifecycle. Candidates are responsible for the configuration and deployment of the Field Service application in conjunction with the core customer service application.

Who should take the exam?

Candidates should have knowledge of how to configure and customize components of the Field Service application, including configuring services, resources, characteristics, incidents, inventory integration, service agreements, resource scheduling, work orders, service tasks, field service user roles, field service settings, the Connected Field Service (IoT) solution, and configuration of the Field Service Mobile app.

Course Structure

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service (Exam MB-240) Exam covers the latest exam updates and topics -

Module 1 - Configure field service applications (15-20%)

Configure settings

  • define and configure key required security roles
  • define and configure resource required scheduling options
  • define required entities
  • customize entities to meet requirements
  • configure territories, postal codes, and organizational units
  • determine and configure required skill types
  • configure characteristics and skills
  • configure proficiency models
  • implement resource roles and categories
  • enable schedule board geocoding
  • configure technician time tracking

Configure product and service pricing

  • define required product and service types
  • configure minimum charge amounts and durations
  • determine when a product has a default list price and a work order price list
  • associate products and services with price lists
  • define tax codes

Configure bookable resources

  • manage bookable resources
  • enable mapping functionality
  • configure geocoding
  • define start and end locations for resources
  • determine the types of addresses to use
  • configure pay types and rates
  • configure working hours and working hour templates
  • manage time off requests
  • describe use cases for resource pools, crews, and resource groups
  • define resource groups and resource group templates
  • set up resource pools and crews

Integrate other tools with Field Service

  • use Power Automate flows to automate tasks and enhance Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • describe use cases for collecting customer feedback by using Dynamics 365 Customer Voice
  • implement Dynamics 365 Remote Assist for use with Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • configure and use Remote Assist one-time call
  • use Guides with work orders
  • integrate with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Module 2 - Manage work orders (15-20%)

Describe the work order lifecycle

  • configure work orders
  • configure work order lifecycle stages
  • configure booking status and work order status values
  • configure uses and capabilities for billing accounts, service accounts, and functional locations
  • understand the key work order summary metrics on the Field Service Insights Dashboard

Create and manage work orders

  • create a work order from an incident or an opportunity
  • add status and sub-status information to a work order
  • organize work orders and resources by geography
  • associate a work order and a price list
  • identify processes required to close a work order
  • close a work order
  • use key field service metrics dashboard
  • configure asset hierarchy and location on a work order

Manage incidents

  • configure incident types
  • assign requirement group templates to incident types
  • add service tasks to incidents
  • add products and services to incidents

Create and manage agreements

  • determine when to use agreements
  • define and configure agreement preferences and settings
  • configure automatic generation of bookings
  • create bookings
  • create invoices
  • create service-level agreements (SLAs) and entitlements for agreements

Create and use inspections

  • create inspections
  • associate inspections to work orders
  • complete inspections through Field Service Mobile
  • describe use cases for analyzing results of inspections

Module 3 - Schedule and dispatch work orders (25-30%)

Manage scheduling options

  • schedule work orders using Schedule Board and Schedule Assistant
  • determine when to use each scheduling option
  • configure fulfillment preferences
  • configure Quick book
  • describe use cases for predictive work duration
  • describe use cases for predictive travel time
  • describe scenarios to modify and use the enhance work hours calendar for requirements
  • describe use cases for implementing the technician locator functionality
  • describe use cases for implementing travel outside of working hours

Implement schedule boards

  • identify features and uses for Booking Requirements view
  • implement the integrated map feature
  • manually schedule work orders
  • reassign and reschedule work orders
  • move incomplete work orders
  • generate driving instructions for field agents
  • configure schedule boards
  • customize the schedule board
  • describe use cases for travel outside of working hours

Implement the Schedule Assistant

  • apply constraints to resource queries
  • filter data
  • specify a search radius
  • troubleshoot the Schedule Assistant

Optimize resource scheduling

  • describe the resource optimization process
  • define objectives and constraints
  • create optimization profiles
  • describe uses for embedded optimizer within the schedule board

Configure Universal Resource Scheduling

  • describe use cases for Universal Resource Scheduling
  • create Power Automate flows to populate data in requirements records
  • create requirement views
  • enable scheduling for an entity
  • restrict booking status values for an entity by using and option set
  • configure geocoding for a custom entity
  • manage work hours calendar for requirements

Module 4 - Manage field service mobility (10-15%)

NOTE: The current exam only covers the new Power Apps-based mobile application.

Install the mobile application

  • identify pre-requisites and supported platforms
  • install and sign into the Field Service Mobile application work offline
  • use Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile app and Connected Field Service
  • use Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile app and Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

Configure the mobile application

  • configure actions that field agents can perform
  • configure steps for Field Service Mobile application
  • configure Field Service Mobile application functions for technicians
  • configure the Booking and Work Order forms
  • configure offline data and sync filters
  • customize global search and enable scan to search
  • customizing Mobile Offline capabilities
  • set up and configure technician push notifications
  • use and capture technician time tracking on Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile app

Module 5 - Manage inventory and purchasing (5-10%)

Manage customer assets

  • configure uses for customer assets
  • create and register customer assets
  • configure products to enable automatic creation of customer assets
  • associate work orders with customer assets
  • create child assets
  • configure 3D asset models
  • use functional locations
  • configure asset properties

Manage inventory and warehouses

  • set up inventory and warehouses
  • view product inventory
  • adjust inventory levels
  • transfer inventory between warehouses
  • determine when to integrate inventory with Enterprise Resource Planning application
  • manually update inventory by using inventory journals

Manage purchasing and product returns

  • describe the purchase order process
  • create purchase orders
  • create a list of receivable products for a purchase order
  • determine product return options
  • create return merchandise authorizations (RMAs)
  • finalize returns

Module 6 - Implement Connected Field Service (10-15%)

Describe use cases for Internet of Things (IoT)

  • identify use cases for IoT
  • describe IoT components
  • identify user cases for Connected Field Service on Field Service Mobile application
  • Implement Connected Field Service with IoT Hub
  • manage IoT devices
  • manage security roles for Connected Field Service

Exam Pattern 

  • Exam Name: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • Exam Code: MB-240
  • Number of Questions: 40-60
  • Length of Time:  120 Minutes
  • Registration Fee:$165.00
  • Passing score: 700 (on a scale of 1-1000)
  • Exam Language English

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