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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Developer (MB-820) Practice Exam

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Developer (MB-820) Practice Exam

About Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Developer (MB-820) Exam

The candidates planning to take the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Developer (MB-820) exam are required to design, develop, test, and maintain solutions based on Dynamics 365 Business Central. As a Business Central Developer candidates are required to  -

  • Develop apps that extend Business Central, including customizing or adding extra functionality.
  • Integrate Business Central with other applications, like Microsoft Power Platform products.
  • Ensure that data remains current during an upgrade process.

Roles and Responsibilities

The candidates will be working as Business Central developer, for troubleshooting and debugging issues in the system including -

  • Identify the root cause of a problem.
  • Identifying and Fixing bugs.
  • test the solution and make sure results are as expected.
  • Optimize the performance of the system  identifying bottlenecks.
  • Enhancing code quality.

Knowledge Required

Candidates are required to possess knowledge of - 

  • Business Central and the application language (AL)
  • Development environment, and tools for developing extensions.
  • Installation and upgradation of the system.
  • Relationship of Business Central role to Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365.
  • AppSource, Business Central–related technologies, frameworks, and services to build solutions.
  • Technologies for application lifecycle management (ALM)
  • Source control management (SCM)
  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD).

Course Outline

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Developer (MB-820) Exam covers the following topics - 

Module 1 - Understand Business Central (10–15%)

1.1 Explain the Architecture of Business Central 

  • Learn about the components and capabilities of Business Central
  • Learn about the core solution and extensions approach for Business Central
  • Learn about the update lifecycle for customizations of Business Central
  • Learn about the differences between Business Central Online and Business Central on-premises features

1.2 Explain Business Central apps

  • Learn about the differences between the base app and the system app
  • Learn about the functionality of apps
  • Learn about the process of bringing an app to AppSource

Module 2 - Understand to Install, develop, and deploy for Business Central (10–15%)

2.1 Explain the Installation and configuration of a Business Central development environment

  • Learn about the development environment for Business Central
  • Learn to Install and configure the development environment
  • Learn about managing JSON configuration files
  • Learn about managing multiple AL extensions in one workspace

2.2 Explain creating, debugging, and deploying an extension in Business Central

  • Learn to Debug an extension with Visual Studio Code
  • Learn to deploy an extension
  • Learn to build or modify a Business Central extension in Visual Studio Code
  • Learn about managing multilanguage development
  • Learn about maintaining extensions

Module 3 - Understanding to develop using AL objects (35–40%)

3.1 Explain the process of building and extending tables and pages in Business Central

  • Learn to develop Role Center pages
  • Learn to identify different types of page
  • Learn to create and extend page objects
  • Learn to create and extend tables
  • Learn to create and extend enums

3.2 Explain to build and extend reports

  • Learn to substitute a report
  • Learn to create a report layout
  • Learn to create document reports
  • Learn to design the data model of a report
  • Learn to apply multilanguage in reports
  • Learn to use report triggers, functions, and processing-only reports
  • Learn to build the report request page

3.3 Explain the process to design and create an XMLport

  • Learn to configure different XMLport properties
  • Learn to define nodes and their properties
  • Learn to use XMLports in AL code

3.4 Explain the process to Develop codeunits

  • Learn to create and access codeunits
  • Learn about events and triggers
  • Learn to implement interfaces
  • Learn to create installation and upgrade codeunits

3.5 Explain Work with entitlement and permission set objects

  • Learn to create and extend permission sets
  • Learn to override entitlements with inherent permissions
  • Learn troubleshooting permission sets

3.6 Explain creating queries in Business Central

  • Learn to link and join data items
  • Learn to implement filters in query objects
  • Learn to use queries instead of record variables
  • Learn to aggregate data in query objects
  • Learn using a query to create a report

Module 4 - Develop by using AL (15–20%)

4.1 Explain customization of the UI experience and execute onboarding techniques

  • Learn to create profiles in AL
  • Learn to use and create views in AL
  • Learn to develop the UI by using the user assistance model
  • Learn to Integrate assisted setup
  • Learn to build teaching tips and in-app tours to onboard users
  • Learn to build an onboarding checklist

4.2 Explain the essential development standards

  • Learn to apply the data process model in Business Central
  • Learn to define the different functional table types and characteristics
  • Learn using document standards in Business Central
  • Learn to implement master data standards and design patterns

4.3 Explain using AL to extend Business Central

  • Learn to create custom procedures
  • Learn about differentiate data types
  • Learn to manage files
  • Learn to manipulate data by using code
  • Learn to describe the basics of the AL
  • Learn use of different types of expressions
  • Learn to work with AL built-in functions and AL statements
  • Learn to work with variables and define them in AL code
  • Learn to manage errors
  • Learn using access modifiers to limit access

Module 5 - Understand to Work with development tools (10–15%)

5.1 Explain implementing semi-automated test processes and run standard Business Central tests

  • Learn testing applications in Business Central
  • Learn installing and running the Test Toolkit
  • Learn developing test codeunits and procedures

5.2 Explain managing and analyzing telemetry

  • Learn monitoring and analyze telemetry
  • Learn to configure telemetry
  • Learn to build custom telemetry signals

Module 6 - Understand to integrate Business Central with other applications (10–15%)

6.1 Explain the Access Representational State Transfer (REST) services from within Business Central

  • Learn using different HTTP classes and their functions
  • Learn to get data from and send data to an external REST service
  • Learn to use and read JSON

6.2 Explain implementing APIs

  • Learn to Create and work with APIs
  • Learn to handle UI interaction when working with web services
  • Learn using Read-Scale Out to improve performance

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