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Microsoft Azure Exam (DP-200)

Microsoft Azure Exam (DP-200)

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Implementing an Azure Data Solution (DP-200) Exam

Microsoft Azure Data Solutions (DP-200) exam measures the ability to accomplish technical tasks like implementing data storage solutions; managing and developing data processing; and monitoring and optimize data solutions.  Candidates appearing for Microsoft Azure AZ-200 exam must be able to implement data solutions which use Azure services like Azure Cosmos DB, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Data Factory, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Databricks, and Azure Blob storage.

Who should take Microsoft Azure DP-200 Exam?

Candidates appearing for the Microsoft Azure DP-200 exam are Microsoft Azure data engineers who collaborate with business stakeholders to identify and meet the data requirements to implement data solutions that use Azure data services. Azure data engineers are primarily responsible for data-related tasks that include provisioning data storage services, ingesting streaming and batch data, transforming data, implementing security requirements, implementing data retention policies, identifying performance bottlenecks, and accessing external data sources.

Course Structure

Microsoft Azure (DP-200) Exam covers the latest exam update and topics - 

  • Implement data storage solutions (40-45%)
  • Manage and develop data processing (25-30%)
  • Monitor and optimize data solutions (30-35%)

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Exam Format and Information

Exam Name Implementing an Azure Data Solution 
Exam Code DP-200
Exam 180 minutes
Exam Format Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions
Exam Type Azure
Number of Questions 40-60 Questions
Eligibility/Pre-Requisite NIL
Exam Fee $165 USD*

Exam Language English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean

Retirement Date None

Microsoft Azure Exam (DP-200) FAQs

DP-200 exam can be considered as an intermediate level exam in which the basic requirements is to know about the cloud computing fundamentals, solution architect and virtual machines.

Prepare for the DP-200 exam with the -

  • Reviewing Exam Objectives
  • Learn and Train
  • Prepare with books
  • Evaluate with Practice Test

Implementing an Azure Data Solution DP-200 Study Guide

Implementing an Azure Data Solution DP-200 Cheat Sheet

Candidates who want to apply for Microsoft Azure Data Engineer (DP-200) are considered as an Azure Data Engineers who connects with various business stakeholders to meet and identify the data requirements. They should know how to implement various data solutions that uses various Azure services.
In a year the candidate can give exam only five times and after then the candidate is eligible for the exam after 12 months. The 12 months period will start the day of the fifth unsuccessful exam. After giving first exam if candidate did not pass then they should have to wait at least a day to give second test.
In Dp-200 the main highlighted areas are:- 1. Managing and developing data processing 2. Implementing data storage solutions 3. Monitoring and optimizing data solutions
Azure 70-776 exam got expired on June 30, 2019 which is replaced by the new exam introduced by Microsoft that is Microsoft Azure Data Solutions (DP-200) exam.
To be certified as Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate you need to pass both DP-200 and DP-201 exams. In DP-200 you implement Azure data solutions and in DP-201 you design Azure data solutions.
DP-200 exam will cost you $165 USD including the additional taxes.
Microsoft Azure can be considered as a cloud service platform that allows various companies and individuals to deploy applications, Servers and IT platforms over the web. It gives access to store data and host the database. There are many reasons that makes Azure better, some of them are:- 1. Applications can be easily created on Azure on a scale of 10 to 10 million users. And storage in Azure provides safe and fast storage services. 2. Azure is the only cloud service that offers Machine learning, Bots and block chain as a service. 3. Pricing structure in Azure is based on how much consumption is there, that include per hour fees which depends on Azure computing services.
DP-200 is basically for those who have an interest in doing the technical tasks like implementing data storage, managing and developing data processing and optimizing data solutions.
Microsoft Azure Data Engineer is responsible to various data related tasks that includes, - 1. Identifying performance bottlenecks 2. Implementing security requirements 3. Implementing data retention policies 4. Provisioning data storage services 5. Ingesting streaming and batch data
No, Microsoft Azure certifications do not expire. Previously there were certifications which after 2 or 3 years need recertification but now Microsoft have removed that policy.
Microsoft certification contains 40-60 questions which need to be completed in 180 minutes.
Testpreptraining training course is designed to give you all of the skill-sets necessary to successfully complete the required projects and help you pass Exam DP-200 Microsoft Azure Data Solutions in your first attempt.
1. Microsoft Azure Certification can be best interests for those who want to increase their skills to advance their career or want to grow in their business. If you are an IT professional or any individual with a good knowledge about today’s technology, cloud computing is best for you. 2. First thing before applying to any certification is to check and gather information about it. Talking about Microsoft Azure it can be considered as a great choice in both developing skills and having a good career. 3. According to a survey Microsoft Azure has maintained its reputation even having competitors like Amazon and Google.
1. Microsoft Azure includes Azure SQL database which is a managed cloud database where cloud database is a database that runs on cloud computing platform. Azure SQL database is a managed database service which takes care of scalability, backup and high availability of database. 2. Microsoft Azure SQL database has ability to learn app pattern with its in built intelligence which provide fast performance and data protection.
There is difficulty in selecting which one is better between AWS and Azure. There are some points showing comparison between these two, 1. Amazon due to its presence in the field for over a decade becomes the dominant Cloud Service Provider of all. Azure’s strengths and success lies in the various software that it supports from Dynamics Archive Directory, Window server office, SQL Server, SharePoint, Net, etc. 2. It has become important to choose the right cloud services. Azure offers Paas, hybrid solutions and many other essential services which are important for cloud. 3. Comparing it with AWS, Azure is 4-12% cheaper and also has extra features than AWS. These points which shows Azure is better than AWS.
You will get a total of 210 minutes out of which 180 minutes will be for exam and rest is the seating time.

Microsoft Azure Data Solution exam is for those who can implement data solutions that use Azure services like Azure Cosmos DB, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Stream Analytics. In this certification, you will be able to do technical tasks like implementing data storage solutions, developing data processing, monitoring and optimising data solutions. While preparing,

1. Go through the blueprints to get an idea of the exams section.

2. Search for Online Courses, which will help you in understanding things better.

3. Take as many practice tests as possible to check your strength and weakness.

How to prepare for the Microsoft Azure DP-200 Exam?

Microsoft Azure Data Solutions (DP-200) test the ability to do technical tasks like managing and developing data processing, monitoring and optimizing data solutions. Candidates appearing for DP-200 exam should be able to implement data solutions which use various azure services like Azure Cosmos DB, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Azure Data Lake Storage.
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