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Merchandising Sales Practice Exam

Merchandising Sales

Merchandising alludes to the marketing and sales of items. Merchandising is regularly inseparable from retail sales, where businesses offer items to shoppers. Merchandising, all the more narrowly, may allude to the marketing, advancement, and advertising of items intended for retail sale.

Skills Required

Store Management,

Pallet Jack

Sales Floor

Customer Service


Company Standards

Sales Goals

Career Opportunity 

Retail Establishments.

Department Stores.


Various Outlets.



Fashion Stores.

Jewellery Stores.

Table Of Content

1. Fashion Merchandising

  • Introduction
  • Merchandise Department

2. Fashion Buyer

  • Qualities of a Successful Buyer
  • Buyer Rights
  • Qualities of a Successful Buyer

3. Fashion Forecasting

  • Forecasting fashion trends
  • Market Reports

4. Visual Merchandising

  • History
  • Window Display
  • Shelves in the Clothes
  • Cross-Mix Merchandising
  • Props
  • Colour
  • Lighting
  • Graphics & Signage
  • Shop Interior
  • Senses Seduction
  • Stocking Basics
  • Repetition

5. Design Principles and Elements

  • Design Elements
  • Principles of Design

6. Color Theory

  • Historical Background
  • Color Abstractions
  • Complementary Colors
  • Warm vs. cool colors
  • Achromatic Colors
  • Tints and shades
  • Split Primary Colors
  • Color Harmony
  • Current Status
  • Basic Techniques for Creating Color Schemes

7. Retail

  • Types of Retail Outlets
  • Retail Pricing
  • Second-Hand Retail

8. Consumer Behavior

  • Black Box Model
  • Information search
  • Evaluation of Alternatives
  • Purchase Decision
  • Other Influences
  • Buyer Decision Processes

9. Packaging and Labelling

  • Purpose
  • Packaging Types
  • Symbols Used
  • Label
  • Specialized Labels
  • Label Stock Types
  • Label Attachment

10. Pricing

  • Influencing Attributes
  • Pricing Approach and Strategies
  • Cost Sheet Analysis

11. Fashion Industry

  • Fashion
  • Fashion Industry
  • Social Media and Fashion Industry
  • Advertising through Apps
  • Successful Campaigns

12. Fast Fashion

  • Category Management
  • Quick Response Method
  • Supply Chain, Vendor Relationships and Internal Relationships
  • Design Lawsuits and Legislation

13. Target Market

  • Target Markets
  • The Psychology of Target Marketing
  • Benefits of Mass Marketing

14. Market Segmentation

  • Criteria for Segmenting
  • Methods for Segmenting Consumer Markets
  • Psychographic
  • Supplier Segmentation
  • Positioning Strategies

15. Product Lifecycle

  • Product Management

16. Fashion Reflect Lifestyle

  • Goals and Change
  • Types of style

17. Distribution

  • Physical Distribution, Marketing Logistics, and Supply Chain Management
  • The Physical Distribution Concept
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Materials Management
  • Order Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Production Control and Materials Requirement Planning
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) Logistics Systems

18. Vendor Management

  • System of Vendor Evaluation
  • Parameters for evaluation of Vendors Performance
  • Social Audit
  • Total Evaluation
  • Guidelines for Purchases through Tender and Negotiations
  • Purchase Review

19. Export and Import

  • Export
  • Ways of exporting
  • Making the export decision
  • Import
  • Export Documentation
  • Incoterms

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