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Mastering SharePoint 2019 Online Course

About the Course

SharePoint 2019 is designed to be compelling, flexible, mobile, and easier to use. This course will be a perfect guide to take your skills in Microsoft SharePoint to the next level. Learn to maximize your skills using lists and libraries, team sites, branding, and communication sites to give you an edge over other SharePoint developers.

This course will develop and take your intermediate skills to the next level. You will learn to develop an application through Microsoft SharePoint and then cover all the new features that SharePoint 2019 has to offer. You will learn to set up and manage your SharePoint business site on the cloud with SharePoint Online. You will then learn collaboration with other Microsoft products and services. Lastly, some interesting tips, tricks, and developers' best practices will be revealed.

By the end of the course, you will have mastered SharePoint 2019 and will be confident using this knowledge in your organization and to support your own career advancement.

Course Curriculum

Course Intro and Modern User Experience

  • The Course Overview
  • Modern Sites – Team Site
  • Modern Sites - Communication Site
  • Modern Lists and Libraries
  • Modern Pages and Web Parts

SharePoint Branding

  • What Is Branding in SharePoint?
  • SharePoint Server Publishing
  • Using Site Themes
  • Using Site Designs

Office 365 and SharePoint Integration

  • Document Library versus OneDrive
  • Document Management in SharePoint
  • Sync SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Document Collaboration
  • Exporting SharePoint Data

SharePoint Search

  • Overview of Search
  • Search Center
  • Content Availability
  • Search Results
  • Search Indexing

SharePoint Webhooks

  • What Are Webhooks?
  • Environment Setup
  • Create Webhooks
  • Handle Requests

SharePoint Add-Ins and SharePoint Framework

  • Overview of SharePoint Add-Ins and SharePoint Framework
  • Create an Add-In
  • Create Custom Panel
  • Debugging
  • Deploy Add-In

PowerApps and Flow

  • Introduction to PowerApps and Flow
  • PowerApps: Creating an App
  • PowerApps: Customizing Form
  • PowerApps: Running and Managing the App
  • Flow: Creating a Workflow – Defining Triggers
  • Flow: Creating a Workflow – Applying Steps and Actions
  • Flow: Running and Managing a Workflow
  • Course Summary

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