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Master of Microservices Development Online Course

About Master of Microservices Development

The course comes with five different module, which will help you to master your Microservices skills.

  • Guide to a Microservices Architecture
  • Managing Microservices in Practice
  • Containers for Microservices
  • Building Microservices from Scratch

Module 1

Learn the Microservices overall Architecture, Building Blocks, Key Advantages, Challenges and Industry Case Studies.

What You Will Learn

  • Challenges of traditional monolithic software development
  • Main building blocks of a single microservice
  • The concept of a microservice architecture
  • Cloud-native applications
  • Key advantages
  • Implementation challenges
  • Netflix: an industry case study

Module 2

Get your Microservices into the cloud and communicating.

What You Will Learn

  • Gain an understanding of all of the building blocks of a Kubernetes Cluster
  • Efficiently use the everyday tools of a Kubernetes Administrator
  • Securing the Kubernetes cluster and communicating with your microservices from every angle
  • Difference between CI and CD and why you need them
  • Find out what CI/CD tools work well for you
  • Keep your applications and tools live and ready
  • Ensure that your deployed application is stable by placing monitoring tools and alert systems

Module 3

Troubleshoot and deploy microservices in the cloud.

What You Will Learn

  • Create secure Docker images to ship your apps
  • Avoid operational anti-patterns with Kubernetes and Docker tweaks
  • Leverage a Docker Enterprise Edition Hub to share your images
  • Use advanced Docker commands for management and networking
  • Use advanced Kubernetes commands for better security and performance
  • Use and troubleshoot the Kubernetes proxy, DNS, and its networking stack
  • Create secure connections between services with no data loss
  • Debug and troubleshoot Kubernetes storage with advanced debugging commands
  • Implement service discovery with Kubernetes' advanced networking techniques
  • Perform zero-downtime deployments of your production apps

Module 4

Build your app using the microservices architecture with SaaS and DaaS. Test and monitor its performance using modern tools.

What You Will Learn

  • See the differences between monolithic and microservices
  • Break up a medium/large application into multiple smaller functions
  • Use APIs to share data across different functions
  • Different types of microservices such as third-party plugins SaaS and Daas
  • Understand terminologies such as SaaS, DaaS, and APIs and what they mean
  • Test the application with tools such as JMeter and Gatling
  • Monitor the application’s performance to bring it up to the service requirements

Course haviing 11+ hour of online video learning. Register and get the life long access.

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