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Master of IoT Online Course

In this online course your will Master your IoT skills. Following modules will be covered.

  1. Introduction to Internet of Things
  2. Learn to Use Arduino IoT Cloud to build IoT Projects 
  3. Microsoft Azure IoT
  4. AWS IoT

Module 1
Understand the building blocks of IoT and learn how to prototype your own IoT projects from scratch.

The Module will start with a basic introduction to IoT and take the student through an IoT solution case study. You will then be given with another case study to understand the building blocks of a typical IoT solution which will introduce the Sparkfun ESP8266 “Thing”, which is a customized ESP8266 development board which we will use to rapidly prototype IoT solutions.

Then the module will introduce you to Cayenne - a drag and drop IoT platform which helps you to build IoT solutions fast without any programming needed, it also assists you in building interesting IoT solutions that cover all the basic building blocks of IoT.

Module 2
Learn the Internet of Things, build IoT Projects, configure IoT Things, use dashboards and WebHooks, and build IFTTT integrations.

In this module, you will learn about the NEW Arduino IoT cloud platform that allows you to easily build the Internet of Things (IoT) applications and projects that connect to the cloud. Go from zero to hero and learn how to use Arduino to quickly build a secure Internet of Things (IoT) apps and dashboards that connect to the cloud.

Module 3
Build cool Internet of Things (IoT) projects using Microsoft Azure cloud services.

This module will help you gain the confidence to learn Microsoft Azure IoT, you have come to the right place.

With numerous custom-made illustrations and animations, we have set the standard in terms of production quality so that you can have a terrific learning experience. This course is meant for anyone who wants to build real-world IoT applications using Microsoft Azure Cloud services.

Module 4

Learn to use AWS IoT services to build your connected applications with the help of this comprehensive guide.

This module initially introduces you to the IoT platforms, and how it makes our IoT development easy. It then covers the complete AWS IoT Suite and how it can be used to develop secure communication between internet-connected things such as sensors, actuators, embedded devices, smart applications, and so on. The book also covers the various modules of AWS: AWS Greengrass, AWS device SDKs, AWS IoT Platform, AWS Button, AWS Management consoles, AWS-related CLI, and API references, all with practical use cases.

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