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M_o_R® Foundation Practice Exam

M_o_R® Foundation Exam

About  M_o_R Risk Management Foundation

The M_o_R Risk Management Foundation certification is entry level certification for professionals engaged in risk management. The certification is offered by AxleOS and is widely accepted certification. The certification attests to your skills in identification, assessment and control of risks across any organization. The Foundation certification is a required qualification for the Practitioner certification.

Who should take the exam?

The M_o_R Risk Management Foundation is apt for business managers, leaders, Directors/VP engaged in risk management role in an organization. The certification is primarily aimed for 

  • Programme and Project Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Business Change Managers
  • Support staff and managers involved in Business or Programme or Project Management

Course Structure

The M_o_R® Foundation Exam covers the following topics - 

Introduction and Glossary (IG)

  • Know facts, terms and concepts relating to M_o_R (Risk management and Corporate governance terms)
  • Know facts, terms and concepts relating to the M_o_R approach, perspectives and the actions needed for effective risk management implementation.
  • Understand how the M_o_R framework is used.

M_o_R Principles (PI)

  • That the principles are informed by corporate governance principles and ISO31000:2009
  • Definitions of the terms describing the amount of risk an organization is willing to take
  • KPI and EWI
  • The eight M_o_R principles, their purpose and outcome from satisfying them
  • How the principles support corporate governance and internal control

M_o_R Approach (AP)

  • Documents that make up the central approach documents
  • Purpose of each of the M_o_R documents
  • Concepts supporting the contents of the risk management policy, risk management process guide, risk management
  • Strategy and risk register
  • M_o_R approach documents

M_o_R Processes (PR)

  • Know the facts, terms and concepts of the M_o_R process.
  • Understand how the M_o_R process is used to identify, assess and control risk.

Embedding and reviewing (ER)

Know the facts, terms and concepts relating to Embedding and reviewing of risk management into the culture of an organization.

Perspectives (PE)

  • Know the facts, terms and concepts of the M_o_R perspectives
  • Understand how the M_o_R perspectives are used

Common Techniques (CT)

  • Know the facts, terms and concepts of the M_o_R techniques.
  • Understand how the M_o_R techniques are used.

Risk Specialisms (RS)

  • Know the facts, terms and concepts of the M_o_R risk specialisms.
  • Understand how the M_o_R risk specialisms are used.

Exam Pattern 

  • Exam Name:  M_o_R Risk Management Foundation 
  • Exam Code: M_o_R Foundation
  • Number of Questions: 75 Questions (5 questions not counted)
  • Length of Time:  60 Minutes
  • Registration Fee: £245.00
  • Passing score: 50% (35 out of 70)
  • Exam Language English, German, Polish, Dutch

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