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Load Testing Practice Exam

Load Testing Practice Exam Questions

The process of Modeling and testing the software programme for various load situations and user profiles is part of load testing. It is also responsible for the act of putting demand on a system and assessing its response. Scalability and load-bearing are the pillars of today's e-commerce and mobile apps, thus load testing is increasingly more important for application success.

Target Audience 

  • Programmers
  • Analysts
  • Web Developers 
  • Software Architectures 

Skills Acquired 

  • Enhance your Programming Skills 
  • Learn quick decision making 
  • Problem-Solving skills
  • Get acquainted with the latest technology

Benefits of Load Testing

  • Load testing Certification can allow candidates to distinguish themselves from today's competitive work market, expand their career options through their advanced abilities, and increase prospective income.
  • Improve as a Developer, particularly as a Cloud-local App Developer. 
  • Improve your communication and collaboration skills 

Career Opportunities 

  • API 
  • Web Development 
  • Software testing
  • IT Departments 
  • Application development 

Course Outline 

  • Understand Web Technology Basics
  • Overview of Software Testing Basics
  • Learn Load and Scalability Basics
  • Understand Load Test Design
  • Learn Load Test Execution
  • Describe Sniffing Tools
  • Overview of Load Testing with LoadRunner
  • Understand the concept of Load Testing with Jmeter
  • Learn other Tools for Load Testing

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