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Django with Data Science

Django with Data Science

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Django with Data Science

Django is a system that is said to be "batteries included" which means that it is a self-sufficient undertaking.  You can focus totally on the data science aspects of the task and not need to stress over how the database works or on the other hand assuming everything is adequately secure.

Table of Contents

  • Setting Up the Django Project Part I 
  • Creating the First Model 
  • Creating Our First View (with pandas Dataframes) 
  • Merging Two Dataframes 
  • Adding Static Files 
  • Creating a Chart Selection Form 
  • Adding JS to the Form 
  • Sending the Data to the View 
  • Displaying Error Messages 
  • Adding Objects 
  • Working with the Date 
  • Performing GroupBy 
  • Adding Additional Logic to the View 
  • Chart Function Part I 
  • Displaying the Chart 
  • Styling the Error Message 
  • Closing the Error Message 
  • Creating Modal with Price Statistics 
  • Adding Styling 
  • Creating Purchase View 
  • Creating Django Model Form 
  • Finishing Django Model Form 
  • Testing the Model Form 
  • Adding Send Confirmation 
  • Navigation to the Purchase View 
  • Remarks on the Chart View 
  • Adding Navbar 
  • Creating the CSV Model 
  • Setting Up the Upload View 
  • Resetting the Database 
  • Chart View Fix 
  • Exploring the CSV File - Sales Data 
  • Saving CSV File via Form 
  • Opening the CSV File - Sales Data 
  • Creating Customers App and Model 
  • Creating Customer View 
  • Setting Up Customer View 
  • Finishing the Customer View 
  • Working on the Sales View Part I 
  • Styling the Graphs 
  • Creating the Home View 
  • Working on the Login 
  • Continue Working on the Login 
  • Final Touches for the Login 
  • Logout View
  • Outro

Django with Data Science FAQs

Django just may be your answer. It has been quickly acquiring popularity for its realistic design and ease of use. Django is an undeniable level Python Web structure empowering fast turn of events and logical, clean design. A web application system is a tool stash of components all web applications need.

Cool libraries and the capacity to make intuitive web projects make Django a good choice for data projects as well as web advancement. Python plays a center job in making Django a good web system for data science projects.

Django is a web system and not actually used in the center Data Science. The center work of a Data Scientist does not include making or composing web applications or in any capacity managing the advancement of the web applications and Django is a web structure. It is not of much use for Data Scientists.


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