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DevOps with Azure

DevOps with Azure

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DevOps with Azure

Azure DevOps Server is a Microsoft item that provides version control, reporting, requirements the executives, project the board, robotized builds, testing, and release the board capabilities.

Table of Contents

Building Blocks of DevOps

  • The Course Overview
  • DevOps Overview
  • Agile versus DevOps
  • What Is Version Control?
  • Implementing DevOps
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Docker

Docker Overview and Docker Installation

  • Working with a Container
  • Creating Custom Images Using Dockerfile
  • Pushing Containers to Docker Hub and ACR
  • Orchestration with Kubernetes

Need for Kubernetes

  • Working with Kubernetes
  • Implementing DevOps with Azure

Overview to Azure DevOps

  • Azure Boards
  • Version Control with Azure
  • CI with Azure Pipelines
  • Playing with Azure Pipelines
  • Azure Kubernetes Service

Overview of AKS

  • Creating a Cluster
  • Infrastructure as Code

Implementing ARM Templates

  • Terraform
  • Deployment and Monitoring with Azure

Continuous Delivery of Our App

  • Working of Our Pipeline
  • Overview of Azure Monitor
  • Azure Monitor for Containers
  • Working with Container Logs
  • Setting Up Alerts
  • Connecting Azure Monitor to Azure Boards
  • Summary

Exam Format and Information

DevOps with Azure FAQs

Azure offers different DevOps tools for setup the board including Ansible, Chef, Puppet, and Azure Automation. Screen infrastructure wellbeing and integrate into existing dashboards in Grafana, Kibana, or the Azure entrance with Azure Monitor.

The answer is yes. you don't have to know java and dab net language coding however it is required to get the hang of scripting languages like Perl/shell/python scripting. this is required to do computerization of your activity work.

For obtaining the Azure DevOps Engineer Expert affirmation, you should show up for the AZ-400 examination. It is just a single examination-arranged accreditation that you want to clear for obtaining the required master engineer testament.


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