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JNCIA-DC (JN0-280) Practice Exam

JNCIA-DC (JN0-280) Practice Exam

About JNCIA-DC (JN0-280) Exam

The Data Center track empowers you to showcase proficiency in data center technologies along with related configuration and troubleshooting skills. JNCIA-DC, the associate-level certification in this track, is tailored for data center networking professionals with introductory-level knowledge of Juniper Networks Junos software and data center devices. The written exam evaluates your comprehension of data center technologies, platform configuration, and troubleshooting skills.

Certification Tracks 

  • JNCIA-DC: Data Center, Associate.
  • JNCIS-DC: Data Center, Specialist.
  • JNCIP-DC: Data Center, Professional.
  • JNCIE-DC: Data Center, Expert. 

Exam Details

  • Exam Code: JN0-280
  • Prerequisite Certification: None
  • Delivered by: Pearson VUE
  • Exam Length: 90 minutes
  • Exam Type: 65 multiple-choice questions
  • Software Versions: Junos 20.4

Exam Objectives

The JNCIA-DC (JN0-280) Exam covers the following 

Domain 1 - Data Center Architectures

  • Understand concepts and general features of Data Center architectures, including:
  • Traditional Architectures (multi-tier)
  • IP-Fabric Architectures (Spine/Leaf)
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 strategies
  • Overlay Network versus Underlay Network (Basic)
  • EVPN/VXLAN basics/purpose

Domain 2 - Layer 2 Switching, VLANs, and Security

  • Understand Layer 2 switching for the Junos OS, including:
  • Ethernet switching/bridging concepts and operations
  • VLAN concepts, benefits, and functionality
  • Layer 2 security concepts, benefits, and functionality
  • Configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of Layer 2 switching, VLANs, and security

Domain 3 - Understanding Protocol-Independent Routing

  • Understand various protocol-independent routing components, including:
  • Static, aggregate, and generated routes
  • Martian addresses
  • Routing instances, including RIB groups
  • Load balancing
  • Filter-based forwarding
  • Configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of various protocol-independent routing components

Domain 4 - Understanding Data Center Routing Protocols BGP/OSPF

  • Understand OSPF, including:
  • Link-state database
  • OSPF packet types
  • Router ID, adjacencies, and neighbors
  • OSPF area and router types
  • LSA packet types
  • Configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of OSPF

Understand BGP

  • BGP basic operation and message types
  • BGP attributes
  • Route/path selection process
  • IBGP and EBGP functionality and interaction
  • Configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of BGP

Domain 5 - Understanding High Availability (HA)

  • Link aggregation groups (LAG)
  • Graceful restart (GR)
  • Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)
  • Virtual Chassis
  • Configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of high availability components

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