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Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Master (1Z0-807) Exam

Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Master (1Z0-807) Exam

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Oracle Certified Master Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect (1Z0-807) Exam

Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect (1Z0-807) Exam proves that you possess the skills and knowledge to execute Java application development at an enterprise level.  Many enterprise organizations, working on critical applications and systems, require professionals with proven skills who are well-trained and highly experienced specialists to architect their systems, define requirements and oversee execution.

Who should take Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Certified Master (1Z0-807) Exam?

Candidates take the Java Enterprise Architect Master certification exam with an objective to expanded skill-set as a Java developer; and gain sufficient breadth and depth to execute effectively in enterprise level Java application development. Candidates qualifying the exam work in Java-related projects, working on analyzing and defining requirements, creating blueprints for robust enterprise applications and overseeing accurate execution. As a part of the certification process, certified Java Enterprise Architects are required to demonstrate a wide range of skills that extend well beyond fundamental Java programming.

Course Outline 

Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Certified Master (1Z0-807) covers the following topics -

  • Application Design Concepts and Principles
  • Integration and Messaging
  • Web Tier Technologies
  • Security
  • Common Architectures
  • Business Tier Technologies
  • Design Patterns

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Exam Format and Information

Exam Name OCM, Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect
Exam Code 1Z0-807
Exam 150 minutes
Exam Format Multiple Choice 
Exam Type Master
Number of Questions 60 Questions
Eligibility/Pre-Requisite NIL
Exam Fee $245 USD*

Exam Language English

Validate Exam has been validated against Java EE 6

Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Master (1Z0-807) Exam FAQs

There will be 60 questions which you have to complete in 150 minutes.
Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Master (1Z0-807) certification exam validates candidates skills and knowledge to run java application at an enterprise level. Professional with advanced skills are required by many organizations to work on critical systems, applications and define requirement to architect their system.
1. Oracle Certified Java EE certification helps you examine your skill and knowledge to execute java applications at project level. This certification includes different components and APIs which will help you improve your skills according to latest technology. 2. Individual having Java EE certification is more valuable than any non-certified when applying for Job. This is recognized as a professional in the IT field. 3. Java EE certified is given more priority by Clients when discussing about the projects, which help to maintain good relations with the.
1. Oracle Java EE 1Z0-807 certification includes professional architects which assist the project team with best practice guidance. 2. This certification allows management to appoint the professional for the work role of Technical architect and give more confidence to take decisions with business partners. 3. Oracle 1Z0-807 professional’s handles project budget by reducing expenses for determining the frameworks, best architecture and software components.
For this certification you need to pass Oracle Certified Professional exam, Java SE7 or SE5 and after this you have to complete any approved training from Oracle.
Once purchased, the practice exams can be access for the lifetime.
Oracle Java EE 1Z0-807 certification will help candidate to gain skill and knowledge to run java application. This certification will help you how to utilize Java platform and enterprise java technology. Candidates applying for the exam should work as Java developer to get in depth knowledge of Java application development. 1. Proficiency in coding is the main part of this certification, so there is a need to have good knowledge in syntax. For this you have to practice coding on a daily basis. 2. Research for online courses, which will help you cover all the topics and providing practice sets of questions. This will help you know you weak part and then work on that. 3. They will provide you all the study material necessary with expert assistance to solve all the queries.
The topics covered in this certification exam are - Security, Common Architectures, Business Tier Technologies, Design Patterns, Application Design Concepts and Principles, Integration and Messaging, and Web Tier Technologies.
You will get 150 minutes to complete the Oracle Certified Java EE 1Z0-807 exam.
If you get failed or want to give the exam again then you have to wait for 14 days and after that you have to re-register for the exam again. There are various discount vouchers provided by oracle if you retake the exam.
This certification exam will cost you $245 USD including the additional taxes.
1. Java EE is in high demand among various companies including Oracle, Amazon and Accenture. This has created a big impact among individuals because companies are hiring people for java Programmer role. 2. This certification will help enhance your previous skills in programming language, learning Java Application development at enterprise level and understands more new concepts introduced by Java at a professional level. 3. The skills and knowledge you will gain in this will set you apart from others.
Oracle Java certification provide certification to those candidates having in depth knowledge of using java and provides a Java developer recognition worldwide. This helps in increasing chances for getting a good and secure job. To achieve the certification you need to score 65% and this includes levels from associate to professional, which increase the value of certification.
You need to get a minimum 71% to pass the exam.
If you are already coding in Java, you must be comfortable with most of the Java fundamentals. The question is, do you feel your productivity is slow because you are not aware of some of the key stuff in Java? Java certification exams are carefully designed to ensure that you do not miss out any of the Java fundamentals. Moreover, do you feel a need for industry recognition? Do you think that if you achieve good percentage in Java certification exams, it will impact your credibility on your resume? The statistics suggest that it does and that's why all Java professionals should appear in java certifications exams.
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