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ISTQB Certified Tester Test Automation Engineer (CT-TAE) Practice Exam

ISTQB Certified Tester Test Automation Engineer (CT-TAE) 

The ISTQB® Certified Tester – Test Automation Engineer examination aims to develop advanced software skills. This certification will help you develop skills and knowledge which will help you in your career growth. You will get in-depth knowledge and understanding of concepts.

Exam Prerequisites

For the ISTQB® Certified Tester – Test Automation Engineer examination you need to must hold the ISTQB Foundation Level certificate

[ISTQB-CTFL] to sit for the Advanced Level Test Automation Engineer certification exam.

Exam details

For the ISTQB® Certified Tester – Test Automation Engineer examination you are given 90 minutes to complete the examination. You are required to attempt 40 questions. Also, this exam will cost you around $229. To add on, the exam rescheduling fee is $90.

Course Outline

Introduction and Objectives for Test Automation

Purpose of Test Automation

  • ALTA-E-1.1.1 (K2) Explain the objectives, advantages, disadvantages, and limitations of test automation

Success Factors in Test Automation

  • ALTA-E-1.2.1 (K2) Identify technical success factors of a test automation project

Preparing for Test Automation  

SUT Factors Influencing Test Automation

  • ALTA-E-2.1.1 (K4) Analyze a system under test to determine the appropriate automation solution

Tool Evaluation and Selection

  • ALTA-E-2.2.1 (K4) Analyze test automation tools for a given project and report technical findings and recommendations

Design for Testability and Automation

  • ALTA-E-2.3.1 (K2) Understand “design for testability” and “design for test automation” methods applicable to the SUT

The Generic Test Automation Architecture

Introduction to gTAA

  • ALTA-E-3.1.1 (K2) Explain the structure of the gTAA

TAA Design

  • ALTA-E-3.2.1 (K4) Design the appropriate TAA for a given project
  • ALTA-E-3.2.2 (K2) Explain the role that layers play within a TAA
  • ALTA-E-3.2.3 (K2) Understand design considerations for a TAA
  • ALTA-E-3.2.4 (K4) Analyze factors of implementation, use, and maintenance requirements for a given TAS

TAS Development

  • ALTA-E-3.3.1 (K3) Apply components of the generic TAA (gTAA) to construct a purpose-built TAA
  • ALTA-E-3.3.2 (K2) Explain the factors to be considered when identifying the reusability of components

Deployment Risks and Contingencies

Selection of Test Automation Approach and Planning of Deployment/Rollout

  • ALTA-E-4.1.1 (K3) Apply guidelines that support effective test tool pilot and deployment activities

Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies

  • ALTA-E-4.2.1 (K4) Analyze deployment risks and identify technical issues that could lead to failure of the test automation project, and plan mitigation strategies

Test Automation Maintenance

  • ALTA-E-4.3.1 (K2) Understand which factors support and affect TAS maintainability

Test Automation Reporting and Metrics

Selection of TAS Metrics

  • ALTA-E-5.1.1 (K2) Classify metrics that can be used to monitor the test automation strategy and effectiveness

Implementation of Measurement

  • ALTA-E-5.2.1 (K3) Implement metrics collection methods to support technical and management requirements. Explain how the measurement of the test automation can be implemented.

Logging of the TAS and the SUT

  • ALTA-E-5.3.1 (K4) Analyze test logging of both TAS and SUT data

Test Automation Reporting

  • ALTA-E-5.4.1 (K2) Explain how a test execution report is constructed and published

Transitioning Manual Testing to an Automated Environment

Criteria for Automation

  • ALTA-E-6.1.1 (K3) Apply criteria for determining the suitability of tests for automation
  • ALTA-E-6.1.2 (K2) Understand the factors in transitioning from manual to automation testing

Identify Steps Needed to Implement Automation within Regression Testing

  • ALTA-E-6.2.1 (K2) Explain the factors to consider in implementing automated regression testing

Factors to Consider when Implementing Automation within New Feature Testing

  • ALTA-E-6.3.1 (K2) Explain the factors to consider in implementing automation within new feature testing

Factors to Consider when Implementing Automation of Confirmation Testing

  • ALTA-E-6.4.1 (K2) Explain the factors to consider in implementing automated confirmation testing

Verifying the TAS

Verifying Automated Test Environment Components

  • ALTA-E-7.1.1 (K3) Verify the correctness of an automated test environment including test tool setup

Verifying the Automated Test Suite

  • ALTA-E-7.2.1 (K3) Verify the correct behavior for a given automated test script and/or test suite

Continuous Improvement

Options for Improving Test Automation

  • ALTA-E-8.1.1 (K4) Analyze the technical aspects of a deployed test automation solution and provide recommendations for improvement

Adapting Test Automation to the environment and SUT changes

  • ALTA-E-8.2.1 (K4) Analyze the automated testware, including test environment components, tools, and supporting function libraries, in order to understand where consolidation and updates should be made following a given set of test environment or SUT changes

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