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Huawei HCIP - Intelligent Vision (H12-521) Practice Exam

Huawei HCIP - Intelligent Vision (H12-521) Practice Exam

About Huawei HCIP - Intelligent Vision (H12-521) Exam

The Huawei HCIP - Intelligent Vision (H12-521) exam focuses on assessing theoretical knowledge about the intelligent camera and video algorithm. Together with the knowledge of technical principles and application of video cloud, video big data and video interconnection, intelligent vision platform low-level design, installation and implementation.

Who should take the exam?

The Huawei HCIP - Intelligent Vision (H12-521) exam is suitable for candidates having theoretical knowledge about the

  • intelligent camera and video algorithm, know technical principle and application of video cloud, video big data and video interconnection
  • Ability to complete low-level design, installation and implementation of intelligent vision platform;
  • Competency for senior solution engineer and senior pre-sales solution engineer of Intelligent Vision.

Target Audience

The certification targets

  • ICT professionals
  • Huawei users
  • Huawei partner
  • ISV, Huawei engineers
  • College students


It is recommended that you learn HCIA-Intelligent Vision in advance.

Exam Details

  • Exam Code: H12-521
  • Exam Type: Written examination
  • Exam Format: Single-answer Question, Multiple-answer Question, True or false, Short Response Item, Drag and Drop Item
  • Time: 90min
  • Passing Score/Total Score: 600/1000
  • Exam Cost: 300USD
  • Language: Chinese, English

Course Outline

The HCIP-Intelligent Vision V1.0 exam covers:

  • Principles and applications of intelligent cameras
  • Principles and management of intelligent algorithm
  • Principles and applications of video cloud
  • Principles and applications of video big data
  • Video interconnection technology standard and application
  • Planning and design of video site
  • Video site installation and configuration
  • Video site service commissioning
  • Video site maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Intelligent vision system planning and design
  • Intelligent vision system installation and configuration
  • Intelligent vision system service commissioning
  • Intelligent vision system maintenance and troubleshooting

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