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HQT-0050 Hitachi Vantara Qualified Associate - Storage Concepts Practice Exam

HQT-0050 Hitachi Vantara Qualified Associate - Storage Concepts

About HQT-0050 Hitachi Vantara Qualified Associate - Storage Concepts

HQT-0050 exam validates that the successful candidate has knowledge of storage technology and concepts. This test covers data management and storage systems, components and technologies, networking, business continuity and replication, virtualization, file-and-content management, performance and protocols. 

Who should take the exam?

  • This exam is for anyone interested in storage technology. 
  • The IT professionals who seek knowledge on storage, and junior IT professionals looking to carve out a career path and looking to focus on storage are ideal candidates for this exam. 
  • College and university students and recent graduates will gain a head start on their IT careers by earning this Storage Concepts qualification.

Course structure

1. IT infrastructure

Describe the types of storage demands in today’s marketplace.

Identify storage issues and data center infrastructure challenges.

Describe ways to achieve energy-efficient, ecologically aware storage implementation.

2. Storage and storage-networking components

Identify storage-networking components.

Describe data-storage HDD components and characteristics.

Describe types of disk interfaces.

3. Storage architecture and protocols

Identify different RAID technologies.

Describe the SAN architecture.

Describe the NAS architecture.

Describe common storage protocols.

4. Storage networking

Describe networking concepts.

Define networking terms.

Describe storage-networking protocols.

Describe the purpose of SAN zoning.

5. Business continuity and replication

Describe the benefits of data replication.

Identify in-system replication techniques and benefits.

Identify remote-replication techniques and benefits.

Describe data center replication strategies.

6. Virtualization

Identify storage-virtualization techniques.

Describe tiered-storage environments.

Describe thin-provisioning concepts.

Identify storage and cache logical-partitioning techniques.

7. File and content

Identify file, objects and metadata.

Identify data-life cycle management strategies.

Identify content-management benefits.

8. Storage management

Describe storage-management functions.

Identify storage-performance criteria.

Exam Pattern 

  • Exam Name: Hitachi Vantara Qualified Associate - Storage Concepts 
  • Exam Code: HQT-0050
  • Number of Questions: 35
  • Time Duration: 60 minutes
  • Passing Score: 65%
  • Exam Cost: $75 US including taxes

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