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Google Professional Cloud Developer (GCP) Practice Exam

Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Developer Practice Exam

Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Developer builds scalable and highly available applications using Google recommended practices and tools that leverage fully managed services. This individual has experience with next generation databases, runtime environments and developer tools. They also have proficiency with at least one general purpose programming language and are skilled with using Stackdriver to produce meaningful metrics and logs to debug and trace code.

Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Developer exam assesses your ability to - 

  • Design highly scalable, available, and reliable cloud-native applications
  • Build and test applications
  • Deploy applications
  • Integrate Google Cloud Platform services
  • Manage application performance monitoring

Exam Structure

  • Length: 2 hours
  • Registration fee: $200 (plus tax where applicable)
    Languages: English, Japanese.
    Exam format: Multiple choice and multiple select, taken in person at a test center. Locate a test center near you.
    Prerequisites: None
    Recommended experience: 3+ years of industry experience including 1+ years designing and managing solutions using GCP.

Course Structure

1. Designing highly scalable, available, and reliable cloud-native applications

  • 1.1 Designing performant applications and APIs. Considerations include:
  • 1.2 Designing secure applications. Considerations include:
  • 1.3 Managing application data. Tasks include:
  • 1.4 Re-architecting applications from local services to Google Cloud Platform. Tasks include:

2. Building and Testing Applications

  • 2.1 Setting up your development environment. Considerations include:
  • 2.2 Building a continuous integration pipeline. Considerations include:
  • 2.3 Testing. Considerations include:
  • 2.4 Writing code. Considerations include:

3. Deploying applications

  • 3.1 Implementing appropriate deployment strategies based on the target compute environment (Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, App Engine). Strategies include:
  • 3.2 Deploying applications and services on Compute Engine. Tasks include:
  • 3.3 Deploying applications and services on Google Kubernetes Engine. Tasks include:
  • 3.4 Deploying an application to App Engine. Considerations include:
  • 3.5 Deploying a Cloud Function. Types include:
  • 3.6 Creating data storage resources. Tasks include:
  • 3.7 Deploying and implementing networking resources. Tasks include:
  • 3.8 Automating resource provisioning with Deployment Manager
  • 3.9 Managing Service accounts. Tasks include:

4. Integrating Google Cloud Platform Services

  • 4.1 Integrating an application with Data and Storage services. Tasks include:
  • 4.2 Integrating an application with compute services. Tasks include:
  • 4.3 Integrating Google Cloud APIs with applications. Tasks include:

5. Managing Application Performance Monitoring

  • 5.1 Installing the logging and monitoring agent
  • 5.2 Managing VMs. Tasks include:
  • 5.3 Viewing application performance metrics using Stackdriver. Tasks include:
  • 5.4 Diagnosing and resolving application performance issues. Tasks include:

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