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Foundation Certificate in Commercial Awareness Practice Exam

Foundation Certificate in Commercial Awareness

Foundation Certificate in Commercial Awareness

The Foundation Certificate in Commercial Awareness certificate is involved with the commercial and organizational knowledge needed for business analysis work. The syllabus is structured around the two key fields of Business Finance and Organisational Behaviour and uses definitions, techniques, and principles. 

Holders of the BCS BSD Certificate in Commercial Awareness should be able to:

  • Understand three techniques used to evaluate a financial case.
  • Understand costing and pricing.
  • Describe the contents of financial accounting documents.
  • Interpret financial accounts.
  • Define the elements and usage of Porter’s Five Forces Framework and Value Chain.
  • Define the elements of specified cultural analysis approaches.
  • Explain the different management structures and their characteristics.
  • Define the different architectures that may be adopted by organizations.

Who is this exam for?

  • The Foundation Certificate is for people who want to obtain an understanding of the structure, operation, and behaviour of organizations.  
  • Fitting for business managers and members of their team, business analysts, program and project managers, solution architects, and service managers.


There are no entry requirements for this certification. 

Course Structure

The domains and their relevant topics of the Foundation Certificate in Commercial Awareness exam are as follows:

1. Evaluating a Financial Case 15%

Purpose of Building a Financial Case

Techniques used for evaluating a Financial Case

2. Budgeting, Costing and Pricing 15%

Budgets and Departmentalised Businesses

Cash Flow and Cash Management

Costing and Pricing

3. Financial Reporting and Analysis 20%

Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet)

Income and Expenditure (Income Statement, Profit and Loss Account)

Statement of Cash Flows (Cash Flow Statement)

Ratios (formulae and interpretation)

4. Market analysis and competitive advantage 15%

Analyzing the business domain - Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

Analyzing the portfolio - Boston Box

Delivering value - Porter’s Value Chain]

5. Organizational behaviour and culture 10%

What is organizational behaviour?

Organizational effectiveness and the Balanced Scorecard

Understanding and analyzing culture

6. Group formation 5%

Groups and group dynamics

Formal and informal groups

7. Principles of organizational structure 10%

Organization structuring

Types of jobs 

Line, staff and functional relationships

Formalization of rules and procedures

Centralization v/s decentralization

8. Operating models 10%

Organization structures and their characteristics

Organizational boundaries 

Exam Format

  • Exam Name: Foundation Certificate in Commercial Awareness 
  • Exam Level: Foundation
  • Number of Questions: 40
  • Exam Format: Multiple-choice
  • Passing score: 65% marks
  • Exam Fee: £192 (£160 + VAT)

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